Hello lovely!

Today I wanted to talk about water and how it affects our detoxification, weight loss and stress! Also, how much water should we be drinking. SO let’s get started!


Water is so vital to our health. Its the number one thing I am constantly telling people to do when they ask for my advice. WHen they want to feel better, the first thing I ask is “How much water are you drinking?”. The vast majority of the time people are not drinking enough water.  

They have a couple of glasses a day and they are wondering why they:

  • feel tired
  • don’t feel their best
  • holding on to some weight
  • PLUS  a host of other symptoms

So, I tell them to drink enough water!

Today I want to talk about a few specific reasons why it’s important to drink water.


All our cells are about 75 percent water, and that is the majority of who we are. Water is needed to go into and out of cells to carry nutrients, to make sure the cell is the right size and volume.  Also, to make sure that things are just functioning well in our body. 


Once water is depleted or we are dehydrated the function in our body starts to diminish. You might get tired or a headache but over time this may lead to more intense symptoms. 


I’m going to focus on 3 things about water with regards to detoxification, weight loss and stress!


  1. Detoxification

For our body to detoxify, 2 of the main ways are through our urine and feces. Both require water to do their job well. Without water we will not release enough metabolites and toxins via our urine and bowel movements. If we are not drinking enough water, the body will reabsorb water from the colon. That means the feces becomes dry and can lead to constipation and re-toxification.


We need to release toxins to feel our best. There is a reason our body wants to get rid of it!


2. Weight-loss

Losing weight seems to be the main reason people want to become healthier. They think it’s about calories but it could be as simple as water – just knowing when you are thirsty. 

Usually, when our body wants water we feel hungry which could be for thirst. We can drink water with the onset of that hunger feeling to see if it is for water or food. I usually teach this to clients if they are emotional eaters as well. You can get a video and guide training here to distinguish the difference.


If you’re thirty and confuse it with hunger you will be consuming food that you don’t require. The additional food adds calories and takes up extra digestive energy. 

3. Stress

When our body is not getting enough water it creates more stress on the system by releasing cortisol. This stress response creates more dehydration which creates stress and so on. So when we are feeling tired, have a headache etc this is a physical stress on the body for more water. 

If I drink enough water (about a litre) I tend to feel better if I feel tired or have a headache.


How much water is ideal?

1. Morning


When you wake up in the morning you are dehydrated due to not drinking water while sleeping, losing water through respiration.


Our body has also been creating metabolites that need to be flushed out in the morning. This requires water. 

What I have myself and clients do is have 1L of room temp or warmer water and 1 glass is hot water with lemon which helps to flush and rehydrate the system.


2. Hunger


Drink water until you feel true hunger (if drinking water doesn’t take the hunger feeling away!)


3. With Meals?


Have water about 30-45 min before and after a meal and RT. Before meal hydrating system to secrete digestive juices. Water with meals interrupts digestion and can create bloating


4. Options


Have Lemon, ginger herbal tea to supplement hydration. 

5. About how much?


Have About 2L of water BUT look at urine to see its pale yellow. If darker add more water and if too clear reduce water (but not uses the case).


I hope this video was helpful. Water is super important. Water is vital to our health. If you think about it, we are mostly water!


To hydration!



Certified Holistic Nutritionist.