Hello beautiful!
Stress is something we can’t avoid but we can become better at seeing the signs of stress. Stress can come on quickly , perhaps a loved one gets sick, something happens at work or life throws you a curveball.
Today I wanted to share some tips that help me move through stress in a nourishing way. I hope this helps you as well.
Check out the video here or scroll down for a recap: 
1. I look at the emotions. I do my best to sit with my emotions and be with it in the body. That helps me to move through it. Journalling helps to move you through the emotion as well and helps as an entry point. Also having a friend hold space for me helps as well. Someone who will acknowledge and listen and not fix what is happening!
2. I add in more green juices. When we are stressed our body uses more nutrients so adding in a green juice boosts our vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It is also deeply hydrating and supports our body.
3. Movement – usually I like to run or lift weights but during a more stressful period it actually creates more tension for me. So I add in 1-2 sessions of yoga in the week to open up my body and get to the tense and contracted areas. This allows for more energy flow and circulation. There are some amazing videos on Youtube I do at home.
4. I add in baths! I use Epsom salts, Celtic sea salt and lavender essential oil. The epsom salt contains magnesium which helps to relax the body and the hot water opens up the system.
These are some of my favourite tools! Add in one and then another during stressful periods (maybe the holidays?)
I hope this has helped you. The more we nourish and support the body the less likely we are to jump into unhealthy coping patterns.
To self care,
Certified Holistic Nutritionist.