Hello love,

Your old way of thinking about your emotional eating is keeping you stuck. You need a new way to resolve this pattern.

What most of us think about our emotional eating is that somehow we are broken. Something’s wrong with us. We just need more willpower…

Because of this we get stuck in the same pattern. We are following the diet plan or the food plan, and every day we end up in emotional eating the things we don’t want to eat. Dragging along, hitting our head against the same wall and then saying nothing works.

Then the next day, we do the same thing. I’m going to do it.

“I will use my willpower” we say in that determined voice 😉

Then that time of day comes along and you’re derailed and you think, “Nothing works!” feeling like a deflated balloon. You’re back in the cycle, and you keep feeling defeated.

You tell yourself you’re not consistent. You don’t know what you’re doing. Something’s wrong with you, you don’t have enough willpower.

But that’s not what’s going on.

That’s the end result of you emotional eating. The end result is feeling defeated. The end result is the shame spiral.

But that’s not where it starts.

Emotional eating doesn’t start with defeat. It starts way before then. So you have to backtrack and you have to look at what’s going on with this pattern. When you make that shift from needing more willpower to this is a coping mechanism, you realize you need different tools.

That’s the aha.

That gives you permission to do things a different way.

What’s going on?

So once you have your binge and you feel defeated, let’s backtrack.

You had your binge. What created your binge?

There was some type of trigger. What was the trigger?

With emotional eaters, there’s some kind of event, stress, uncomfortable emotion that’s triggered that turns on this pattern automatically. Then you go towards “The food”. It can happen the same time of day. It could be the result of the way we’ve been eating throughout the day, it depends.

You have to look at that trigger and start becoming aware day to day what that trigger is, but we have to go even further back.

You have to explore what created this coping mechanism. To understand it and go deeper into the discomfort that’s coming up.

Why do we feel we can’t be with this? Why do we feel that something’s wrong with us when we feel this way. Why are we jumping into a coping mechanism? This would have started happening at a very young age, when we were children. So it becomes this automatic pattern.

We have to go deeper into those roots. When we shift it at that level, this whole cycle stops.

Because now you’re going to be with the unprocessed emotions as they need to be with and meet your true needs. You’re going to be able to know true vs. emotional hunger.

Consistency in the wrong direction

So if you keep banging your head every day, trying to willpower without doing the deeper work, you’re going to end up in the same pattern. You’re in the same pattern consistently.

So it’s not that you’re not consistent or something’s wrong with you. It’s that you’re not willing to go backwards, you’re not willing to go deeper, and every day you’re in the same pattern. So as you shift the way you look at your emotional eating and realize it is a deeper issue, you don’t have to keep willpowering and listening to the old way. This is going to give you a doorway to finally getting the resolution that you need.


This is what we do inside of The Emotional Eating Evolution Program. We are looking at the deeper patterns and triggers, that are creating your true emotional eating. We are creating resolution at this deep level, but also giving you the tools to create that healthy relationship to food, your body and emotions.

Inside of The Program, we are looking at these three key areas so that we can resolve this crazy loop.

With food, we’re shifting from this old way of being to food to truly nourishing your body. We are shifting from body shame to body acceptance. And with emotions getting into the deeper roots and actually meeting our true emotional needs and moving forward powerfully.

You’re no longer using food to soothe or as a band aid and caught in this unconscious loop.

If this is resonating for you and you want to dive in deeper and resolve your emotional eating from the root without willpowering and efforting and truly change the pattern, then I’d love to invite you to find out more about The Emotional Eating Evolution Program HERE.

To breaking the cycle,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist Specializing in Emotional Eating.