If you are anything like me (a few years ago) you have happily downed several cupcakes, a cheesecake and other ‘forbidden’ foods in a social setting (i.e. a restaurant, a get-together or while cruising in your best friend’s fridge).

I used to have a problem with desserts and eating out in general – social situations controlled me until I got fed up with being controlled by an inanimate object (I’m sooo yummy, EAT ME!). I finally decided I needed to up my nutritional game.

Check out my tips in the vlog below on how you can honor your own health goals without feeling deprived, having your cake and eating it too and feeling like a rock star the next day (and not hung over from all the sugar and crap you consumed!)

Now you know what to do before a get together, while out at  a restaurant and at a party.

I challenge you this week to honor your deepest desire to eat well, feel healthy and stay on the road to health by using at LEAST one of the tips and letting me know how you did in the comments!


holistic nutritionist.