I seem to be obsessed with the topic of hydration lately. The more I think about it, HYDRATION is the most important thing when it comes to our health (duh)! There are countries in the world where people don’t have the option of having clean drinking water and here we are living it up with our tap, bottled, filtered and RO water and NOT hydrating ourselves? Please, we can do better than that. Without water we would die in 3 days, 3 days!  Water is THE ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT in my opinion.

I’ve gone over how water is the most important thing when detoxing and how to make your water a more potent detoxifier by adding in lemon BUT in today’s vlog I share some tips on how to hydrate yourself and not hamper digestion!

Digestion is super important and so is hydration but we need to know how to optimize both.

If we drink with our meals we can start to affect digestion, and then everything gets all crazy. We get bloated and we don’t fully break down our food. When food is partially digested, the nutrition in the food cannot enter the body (that’s right our digestive tract is external to our body!) OR if it does, it can lead to allergies! Lack of nutrients mean our cells don’t get nourished which equals poor health. That’s why when you buy expensive superfoods and DON’T digest them well,  you are not optimizing their nutritional benefits!

When our digestion is running smoothly we can get all the nutrients out of our food and assimilate it into the body. Only then will we be able to use the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and even water to rebuild, nourish and restore our body. When our body is nourished well we begin to see it on the outside – hello great hair, nails, and skin! Beauty IS from the inside out.

Check out the video for more tips and tricks.

I challenge you to try hydrating this way for a week and see how it helps with your bloating and indigestion after meals!


holistic nutritionist.