Hello love,

Today I wanted to share more about self responsibility and how that’s going to help you resolve your emotional eating. Because a lot of the times, the solutions for emotional eating are very external to us. It’s not an inward directed approach.

This person knows better than this person. And you need to do this. And it’s sort of like you’re fitting your round self into a square box, trying to fit into everything.

Turn towards…

What I want to invite you into is turning towards yourself and becoming curious about what you need individually, because emotional eating is a coping pattern that we use to just cope with our internal disconnection and discomfort. This pattern is usually started because our needs were not met.

We’re trying to substitute in for those needs, not ever knowing how to truly access them within ourselves. 

This is why when we look at the different diets and all of the things external to us, we don’t know how to connect back to ourselves.This was my journey as well, because I tried all the diets, I had a trainer, a nutritionist, therapist, all of the things.

No modality got me to really see myself. I was giving my power away externally and saying “you know better than me”. Guidance is so important AND we need to also feel like we’re getting in touch with ourselves. When we take that responsibility we’re filtering everything that’s given to us through this lens of “how does this fit for me?”.

Emotional eating at it’s core…

So with emotional eating, this is so important because we have spent so many years just trying to avoid ourselves. Emotional eating at its core is this avoidance of our emotions, of what’s really going on for us.

Our emotions are giving us information about our experience of life. And if we keep avoiding these emotions with emotional eating, whether we’re consciously or subconsciously we are missing some important information.

We’re essentially just disconnecting more and more from our experience of life and who we are. These emotions give us information about ourselves, what we like, what we dislike.

When we keep emotionally eating we’re not taking that responsibility for ourselves. The way I like to look at this is that if you had a small child in front of you, that child comes with its own preferences and likes and dislikes. So if you keep saying this is wrong, you should like this, you should do this, you should eat now –  you’re shutting down their inner knowing, and they become lost. 


That’s where we give our power away. We want to come back to who we are. This is a multilayered process. So this is why when I work with clients, we go through different levels of this pattern.

At the core, it’s about emotions…


-we also need to learn how to connect back to ourselves

-learn how to connect back to food because we’ve been abusing it

-connect back to our body because we haven’t been listening to it

-connect back to our emotions because that’s sort of the biggest thing we have pushed ourselves away from. 

It not that we consciously wanted the above. We weren’t modelled how to get our true needs met.

So we had to figure out a way to cope, which was through food. At this young age, that’s how we decided to cope. We couldn’t have taken the responsibility that we can now, because now we can see it for what it is. So as we take that responsibility, we’re actually taking our power back. We are correcting what was not correct at that time and putting everything into its place.

Learning how to relate to food, our body and our emotions in a healthier way. As we come back to ourselves in those areas and take responsibility, we are saying is that you’re important enough to deal with this pattern.

When we come back to ourselves – it’s an exhale. 

You start having a relationship to food that’s nourishing. You start accepting your body and feeling good in it. You start honouring your emotions and understanding it’s a message telling you about yourself and giving you information about your true needs. This is such an amazing place to be in and so that is the beauty of taking responsibility and really resolving this pattern and turning towards yourself.

This is something that we do inside of my program The Emotional Eating Evolution Program which is a step by step process guiding you through the three main areas that we disconnect from in terms of nourishment, body and emotions. It is full of support, guidance and meditations to connect you back to yourself so that you’re resolving this pattern from the root. If that’s something that you’re interested in you can find out more about the program HERE and you can also apply + book in a call HERE if it is calling to you.

To your empowerment,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Guide