Today I want to share with you a secret that will help you lose weight, curb cravings and feel happier – and no it is not a crazy vitamin or superfood that you need to take!

This basic human need is really amazing and can do wonders in just a few days. As a society we don’t get enough of it and most of us actually think it’s superhuman of us if we get less of it. The less of it we get the more we can get done, right?

So have you guessed what I’m alluding to? Ok, enough with the games – it’s sleep and more specifically enough of it. Sleep is like a super powerful drug that can make us lose weight, curb carb cravings and feel all shiny and new! In conjunction with choosing healthy food and eating a clean diet your overall health will soar. Lack of sleep is a lifestyle factor that could hamper our efforts and make us run for the nearest chocolate chip muffin or red bull. But don’t worry, armed with this information, I only see love me tender truffles and green juices in your future ( a holistic nutritionist’s dream)!

Check out the vlog below for the science of why enough sleep helps us and tips on how to get the best rest! Because darling, you are worth it!

Did I convince you? Sleep is so essential. I challenge you to get ENOUGH sleep this week and let me know how amazing you feeling in the comments below.

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Holistic Nutritionist.