Hello love,

Today I want to dive deeper into the roots of emotional eating and how we can get to the place we desire for our body and around food.

Emotional eating comes into our lives and derails us time and time again. We become obsessive about our food + our body and end up not feeling good. I totally get it – I was there for years as well as my clients. 

When you are constantly thinking about food, second guessing yourself, don’t feel good in your body and have this internal critical voice following you around – It doesn’t help when you take a step forward only to get pulled back by emotional eating.

Of course, you have that desire to feel at ease in your body and connected. A part of you detests those robotic diets and solutions that promise instant magic.

Once I realized those solutions didn’t work I started looking at my emotional eating in a different way.

We might be in so much pain we want to get out of it NOW so we follow the next magic bullet and quick fix. But this is where we give our power away. 

Roots of Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is when we use food to soothe ourselves. It starts in childhood because we didn’t have our parents or caregivers regulate, validate and help us with our emotions. Or they didn’t do it with the regularity we needed.

As we mature into adults we are meant to give this to ourselves. But for emotional eaters we look externally to get this met. We look to food, diets, pills and other bandaid solutions to help us and meet those unmet needs.

When we don’t get to the root we keep giving our power away. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Are you ready?

This is the point my clients get to – they are fed up with the solutions that haven’t worked and know they need to go deeper to resolve this. They want more for themselves. 

They are ready to do the deeper work that is needed to move through this pattern. This might sound scary – there is work to do but the effort your are putting into diets and obsessive thoughts, etc is more effort than is needed to create true resolution.

You can have sustainable change, feel good in you body and pursue the things this pattern is currently blocking you from. 

We are meant to feel good but somewhere along the way we weren’t given what we needed. Once we do it becomes effortless to resolve our emotional eating.

3 Main Areas

There are 3 main areas that impact us as emotional eaters and sustain this pattern. 

  • Diets and diet culture
  • Disconnection from our body and fitting into boxes
  • Avoiding emotions 

We need to relearn and integrate these areas because this is the key to our healing our emotional eating. 

  • True Nourishment
  • Body Acceptance
  • Emotional Wellness

When we address these areas we feel good in our body and food no longer controls us. We get that ease, confidence and freedom we have been desiring. In healing your emotional eating we meet your true needs so that you can move forward in your life powerfully. 

We move through these areas in my signature program The Emotional Eating Evolution Program. Find out more about it here.

To feeling at ease in your body + around food 😉


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert