Hello love,

Today I want to share with you how resolving your emotional eating needs to be an embodied process. 

A lot of the times when we are trying to move past our emotional eating, we think we just need to know more. We need to know more things about our pattern. We keep filling our mind with a lot of things. But if we really look at this pattern and understand what this pattern is about, it’s not just about knowing things.

Because when I talk to women, they know the things, but they’re not implementing them. They don’t know how to embody them. When you don’t embody something, you don’t have that discernment of this is right or wrong for you. 

I totally get it. When I was on my own emotional eating journey, I was really clueless about what was going on for me.

I just took whatever advice I could get my hands on because I didn’t understand this pattern. Even when I saw practitioners and professionals, they didn’t share that I was an emotional eater. 

This pattern is very multilayered. The conventional methodology with diets, exercise and talk therapy are still on the surface, it doesn’t really understand this coping mechanism at deeper levels.

It was really only through my own journey of navigating my emotional eating and continuing on that I really put the pieces together to figure out this pattern. 

The Old Way Doesn’t Work

When we look at the old way, the conventional way of dealing with our emotional eating, we think we just need to know more and we just have to have more willpower and do it. That’s the old way and it does not work.

It doesn’t work for trauma, it doesn’t work for coping mechanisms. If you try to implement something and you can’t successfully implement it after a certain period of time and there is constant resistance, then you’re dealing with something more. It’s not just about willpower at this point.

I’m a pretty committed and determined person, and I can willpower a lot of things, but there is a moment you reach and you realize, “like, am I doing this the wrong way? Is this too much?”.

That’s a point that I got to when I was on my journey. I tried all the diets. I couldn’t sustain them. I went to see professionals; the therapist, personal trainer, chiropractor,  and nutritionist for years.

I was in cognitive behavioural therapy for several years, and that didn’t help me with my emotional eating. It didn’t help me resolve it sustainably. I had some moments of feeling okay, but I didn’t quite understand what was happening to me. I didn’t know why things were happening to me. I couldn’t see the pattern, and no one could put the pieces together for me.

It was very disjointed. Now when I look back and I see all of the things I did to resolve this pattern, one way or another, I was just determined to resolve it.

I kept implementing and adding things in as they worked for me, as they helped me, as they made me feel good. That’s how I created my methodology inside of The Emotional Eating Evolution Program. When I look back at all of those years of trial and erroring, it was not just listening to a podcast or reading a book.

Check out the main things I cover in this video below:


  • How it pieced together this methodology from my own experience


  • Getting Support in an area you are not an expert


  • Guidance is important to navigate the eventual resistance and setbacks on this journey


  • Emotional Eating is Multilayered – we need to address all levels. 


  • We need a method with a structure and flow that shifts our nervous system from stress to calm


  • We need a model because that is what created this pattern – lack of healthy modelling


  • Moving Forward so you can be more present for those you love, your purpose and feel more whole and at ease


If this is resonating then I’d love to invite you to find out more about The Emotional Eating Evolution Program.

This is a step by step methodology in a 12 week container. There are weekly office hours, accountability, there’s community, in depth somatic meditation sessions to get to the root blocks to help you resolve your emotional eating from the root so that you can feel confident in your body and around food and be more present in your life. Find out more about the program HERE. 

To true resolution,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist Specializing in Emotional Eating