Hello love,

Today I wanted to talk about resistance, especially resistance to changing your emotional eating. 

Part of the reason I wanted to talk about this is that this is usually the biggest block we have that is preventing us from the body and relationship to food we want. 

There is usually a fear we will change. We will but we are not becoming someone else, we are becoming more of who we are. 


The emotional eating coping pattern gives us a sense of safety and comfort because we are familiar with it. Familiar = comfort + safety

But it isn’t the best situation for us. 

When we resolve out emotional eating that will become our new familiar, which is healthier. 

So the comfort and safety of the coping mechanism does not serve us. 

In order to get to the next level there will be some discomfort but this discomfort is not the same as staying in this pattern.

Staying stuck causes more discomfort

When you’ve been in the pattern for years, decades, most of your life there is a lot of discomfort. Even though it is familiar it is still discomfort because you are constantly obsessing and directing your energy towards it. 

The energy and discomfort of getting to that new level is much less, especially with guidance. 

When we transform this pattern we get closer to who we are. We usually create this pattern when we are very young. We modelled how our parents or caregivers managed stress, discomfort, emotions etc. Under the age of about 7 we absorb patterns very easily. There is little resistance on our part and this sets a foundation to our life – good or not so good.

As we get older the pattern becomes ingrained and difficult to shift. 

But if we go back to when we were younger and we were modelled the healthy way to meet our needs we wouldn’t have created this coping pattern. 

So now we must rework and reprogram them and learn a new way. 


So imagine, if you can do that now how that benefits your children. You create a new way forward breaking the pattern. This is a powerful reason to move through this pattern. You will feel so much better in your body and around food, you create a more authentic way forward. This creates a better way for your children as well.

For example, I had this pattern for a long time and it took be over a decade to really resolve it. Now I can help clients in a few months because I can guide them and have more powerful tools. This has a ripple effect if they do have children but also to those around them. 

Is it time to change?

So if you are resistant to changing this pattern take a look  at where you are in your life. Do you feel comfortable but still on edge? 

There will be no perfect moment to change, because we will always have some fear. We need to be mostly excited but there is always a bit of fear.

Maybe you start with looking at new ways you haven’t in the past. For instance , my program The Emotional Eating Evolution Program is very different way to resolve emotional eating than what I tried. It is my step by step methodology that helped me resolve my emotional eating at the root and how I guide my clients. 

Hopefully this has shed some light on why you have resistance and helps you move forward. If you are ready to resolve your emotional eating find out more about The Emotional Eating Evolution Program here.

To moving forward,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert