Hello love,

Today I wanted to share with you how we have disconnected to ourselves and how that leads to emotional eating.

Recently it was my son’s birthday. Whenever there are cakes and treats kids can go crazy but my son has always been able to eat a slice of cake and stop. 

Of course he looks forward to it and I do my best to make a cake that is as whole food and organic as possible. But honestly it doesn’t matter the type of cake (you know when nana’s are involved). He has a small piece, sometimes leaves the rest and he’s satisfied. 

He knows his limits, he knows when he is hungry, he knows when he is full. He won’t blindly eat a whole bowl of chips or anything that is in front of him. 

He is connected to his body and his emotions and we provide him with lots of support in these areas. 

So he never uses food to distract or stuff himself. 

The reason I’m sharing this is that I spent the majority of my life trying to figure out my own emotional eating. I didn’t know when I was hungry, when I was satisfied, I would eat all the cake, not feel my feelings, etc. It took me a long time to figure this out. 

All the things I learned I use to guide and honour my son’s body and rhythms. 

I know how important it is to have this relationship to your body, food and emotions. This was my journey to not use food to soothe. So being able to see my 7 year old effortlessly do that has been amazing to watch and I know I am setting him up for a much better future in this area than I had.


What I find with a lot of emotional eaters and my clients is that they went through something similar. 

They are not connected to their body, don’t know when they are hungry, use food to soothe themselves, they don’t know how to process and move through their emotions, etc. They use these robotic diets and magic pills and all of these external things to help them solve this problem because from a very young age they were told something is wrong with them. 

We usually see our parents or caregivers, or even in society (hello foodies) use food as a crutch to soothe and distract from their discomfort. 

But if you are here watching this video I know you desire something more….

You don’t want to feel out of control with food or your body.

You don’t want to have those obsessive thoughts following you around with low level anxiety – then going to food to soothe yourself.

You are at a point where you deeply crave connection with yourself, food, your body and with others.

As I was going through my own emotional eating journey there were 3 main areas I was disconnected from…


-My Body

-My Emotions

When I was developing and creating my programs, The Emotional Eating Evolution Program and THE EVOLUTION, these 3 elements were key to move through and resolve emotional eating. 

Once we resolve these areas we become more connected to ourselves on all levels. These areas are synergetic and work together in an alchemical way.

How do these areas impact you as an emotional eater?

True Nourishment and Strategic Digestion

-connect back to food and our physical body

-learn a new way to be with food and nutrition

-optimizing digestion and satisfaction with meals

-discerning true from emotional hunger

This helps us feel good in our body and reduce bingeing. 

Body Acceptance

-we move beyond food

-looking at our true worth and accepting the body

-getting clearer on our desired transformation

-honouring the body’s needs and rhymes

This helps with mood, reducing hunger and criticism.

Emotional Wellness

-emotions are created in the body

-work wth the emotions under the emotional eating pattern

-process and integrate these emotions to move forward powerfully

This helps us to feel at ease in the body and connect more deeply with our body.

These are the different layers needed to resolve emotional eating and connect you back to yourself and meet those deeper needs.

The Evolution is connecting back to who we truly are and then moving forward in an authentic way, showing up fully and being who we truly are. 

Invitation – If you are ready to create a relationship to your body and food that feels good, free and has deep reverence book in an Emotional Eating Assessment call to see how The Emotional Eating Evolution Program or THE EVOLUTION can support you in resolving your emotional eating.

To connection,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Guide