This week I decided to answer a reader question as to why I am plant-based(!). While I am sure it is obvious that I am it is a bit of a touchy subject for me. I know as a Holistic Nutritionist my clients come to me to help them eat their very best to be their healthiest. That being said eating a certain way is an individual choice 🙂 In this video I share the reasons eating plant-based works for me. I am always a proponent of more veggies but please be sure to watch the video for some more reasons!

Reasons Mentioned (check out the video for more in depth explanations!):

  1. Plants are the more nutrient dense foods (more so than animal products)
  2. I feel more energetic and vibrant eating more plant foods.
  3. I am not too keen on eating animals when I think about the animal it came from.
  4. Living plant foods contain LIVE ENZYMES which help our bodies function better.
  5. Plant foods digest quicker in our system than animal foods so there is less toxic by-products left in the system.

Please also check out near the end of the video where I mention a few keys things everyone (all eaters!) should be doing to have the healthiest way of eating!

Thanks for watching and please be sure to share this with anyone who may want to eat in a more plant-based way. There are so many other reasons I eat plant based so be sure to ask any other questions if I did not cover it in the video 🙂

To more and more veggies!


Holistic Nutritionist