Hello mama in the making!

This week I share some reasons why pre-conception nutrition is important and beneficial! I am passionate about this topic and was very conscious of my health and nutrition before conceiving my son.

As a Holistic Nutritionist I am extremely aware of the impact the health of a mama has on her baby. Setting the foundation before baby is conceived gives your baby the best start as healthy eating and living turns on health boosting genes. Poor health and nutrition does the opposite and can lead to future health problems for both mom and baby. In my case I can see how healthy nutrition impacts mom and baby in a positive way and I want the same for you!

It is NEVER too late to start incorporating healthier habits into one’s lifestyle whether you are already pregnant, postpartum or have a 15 year old!

Check out this week’s video if you need some reasons to change up your eating!

Tips Mentioned:

  1. Healthier habits before pregnancy means you are better able to navigate cravings!
  2. Reduction or elimination of most pregnancy symptoms such as bloating, swelling, aches, pains, gestational diabetes, etc.
  3. Easier postpartum weight loss!
  4. The BEST: giving baby the foundation of healthy eating from the womb!

I hope this video inspired you to up your nutrition game whether you want a baby or not. If you need specific help during your pre-conception stage, pregnancy or postpartum do not hesitate to contact me. I find that pregnancy can be a more difficult time to navigate eating and support is quite useful!

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To healthier mamas + babies,


Holistic Nutritionist.