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Today I wanted to talk about plant based essentials for travel. This is not to discriminate against anyone but if you eat mostly plant based (which I encourage) this video will give you lots of ideas for travel. I love feeling my best whether I travel or not so I make the extra effort to bring along some food staples. 

I recently went on a trip and when I travel I carry extra foods for my son and I. I pack foods that can last throughout the trip.  I also google nearby restaurants and tend to choose locations that have a few good quality restaurants. Also, I make sure I am close to a local grocery store or farmers’ market to stock up on fruits and vegetables.


Check out the video below:

Here’s a list of some of our staples form our last trip and some tips:


1. Nutritional yeast – great for plant based and dairy free folks. Nutritional yeast has an umami flavour, a cheesy flavour and is full of B vitamins (except B12). B vitamins are amazing for energy and are needed by the adrenals to function well. Nutritional yeast is also a complete protein in amino acid form.


2. Seaweed! In particular I like to take nori sheets and pulse flakes. I take pulse flakes in a small container that can be sprinkled onto salads or meals to bulk up the mineral density. Nori sheets are a great snack on the airplane as well. Seaweed contains trace minerals and iodine which are great to offset the effects of radiation in flight and helps to protect the thyroid. My son loves to snack on nori sheets as they are salty (due to all the minerals) and crunchy. 


3. Greens powder – I prefer a single use package as opposed to a container that can oxidize. This is the brand I used on my last trip as a reference. I look for greens powders that contain a range of greens (like spirulina, chlorella, etc), contain probiotics and enzymes. This combination of greens and probiotics is great at keeping your system alkaline to it helps with immunity as well. While travelling, increasing probiotic support is important to boost your immune system.  You are encountering new bacteria and want your digestive and immune systems supported.


4. Lara bars – these are great and portable. We like the simple cashew and date ones. They are nutrient dense, full of protein and taste like a dessert. 


5. Mary’s Crackers – These travel well and are made of quinoa and seeds. They are also gluten free and great to bulk up a meal or have with avocado (depending on what you find at the grocery store).


6. Organic chestnuts or other nuts and seeds (raw and preferably sprouted) – these are great as a denser snack on the go. I find for plant based travel that the options can be limited for having a more dense meal as plant based usually translates to only salads as a main meal.


7. Mini blender– great for making smoothies on the go for a simple snack or for the morning! 

8. Local grocery store – You can buy bananas and spinach and make a easy green smoothie. 


9. Plant based protein – Garden of Life is a brand of sprouted protein I like. You can have this a a simple snack as a smoothie blended with a banana, spinach and water. 


10. Chia seeds – I travel with these because they are high in omega 3 fats and soluble fiber. You can soak about a tablespoon in a cup of water and have them mid afternoon. Or you can blend them with a date and some stevia for a light pudding.  The omega 3 fats are anti-inflammatory and  the finer is great for cleansing the system. 


I wanted to mention that sometimes when we travel we may not find foods that are enticing to us. I find this with my son so I pack some familiar foods while he is adjusting. It also helps you to feel more nourished and minimizes any irritation around food 😉


I hope this video has inspired you to travel with some nourishing foods and how to stay healthy while away! Let me know some of your favourite foods or if you struggle with food while traveling in the comments below!


To nourished travel,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist.