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Pain is usually the catalyst to resolving emotional eating. The pain becomes too much that you have to do something, otherwise you will stay in your tolerable discomfort.

I say this because I’ve spoken to many women who are ok with staying in this low lying discomfort. Continuing to emotionally eat, feel uncomfortable in their body, being in the diet mentality, being in the negative thought loops day in and day out. 

They settle for that pain. They settle for that level of life. 

It is not until it becomes overwhelming that they are pushed into change. 

Why does this happen? 

It’s because we fear change. We fear the pain that might come with change.

Staying the same IS comfortable. Wait, it’s actually NOT comfortable. 

It’s uncomfortable but it’s a level of discomfort we’re used to, that we are ok with. 

It’s not until that level of discomfort becomes overwhelming. Becomes PAIN that we are willing to create change. 

Because then the pain of change will alleviate the pain of the unbearable discomfort. 

My Emotional Eating Journey 

Honestly guys, I wish it wasn’t this way. That’s why I’m out here sharing my story. To save you some of the pain. 

I had a fire under my butt earlier in my journey which pushed me to to figure it out.  Life was slamming down on me HARD. SO I tried and tried…

>>From spending lots of time and money on professionals to doing the work on myself. 

>>Moving from Toronto to Korea

>>Throwing everything out the window

>>Flipping my life inside down because the experts were not getting to the core of my issues, so I wasn’t feeling relief. Quite the opposite. 

The Pain Pattern 

The Pattern I see with women is that the pain pushed them to a place of readiness. I wish this wasn’t the case but this is what is needed to overcome your excuses. 

These excuses look legit. Like you don’t have the time, money, will you complete it?, etc. But it just means you’re not in enough pain. Your ego and protections are still keeping you small. 

Check in – if this voice that makes excuses makes you feel small and contracted in your body it’s not your fullest self 😉 Your full or highest self feels ease, peace and confidence.

This pattern will get louder and louder as life happens. Because as you avoid emotions with food the pain grows and you will feel like you’re trying to shove a balloon under water. It just doesn’t work at some point and the balloon will hit you in the face. 

In the video I share more on:

  • my rock bottom example of this and moving to another country 10x’ed my emotional eating!
  • How acceptance and experimenting helped (I was a chemist in a past life)
  • Pain was the catalyst to finding what worked from emotional hunger to triggers and the deeper root.
  • Pain is the doorway to your evolution. Because on the other side is what you are wanting.
    • connection to food vs. restriction
    • acceptance of your body vs. shame
    • moving through your emotions vs. suppressing and avoiding with food
  • Pain combined with desire pushes you forward.
  • The path to resolution is through specific steps. You are not broken or lack anything, you just weren’t shown the path.


If you are ready to transform your emotional eating so that you can get to ease, peace and confidence around food and in your body then find out more about The Emotional Eating Evolution Program HERE. 

To evolution,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist Specializing in Emotional Eating