Hello everyone, I hope you are ready for spring! Spring is a great time to do a detox or cleanse to reset the body and get rid of some of the winter heaviness. Any sort of detoxification can help improve our health, make us feel more energetic, and leave us with better overall energy!

In today’s vlog I talk about why we need to detox and where we are getting these additional ‘toxins’ from. I know the term ‘toxin’ is thrown around a lot and is a general term but in reality we are bombarded by so many chemicals it can be difficult to name them all. Every year we are exposed to tens of thousands of unique chemicals! I’m pretty sure a lot of them are not the best for our health. As a species and planet we have not evolved enough to deal with this excess of toxicity so please try to limit it where you can.

The only thing we can really control is the food we put into our bodies, so make it worth it! Tweet it!

Check out the video below for the 4 main ways we are exposed to more chemicals which add to our ‘toxic load’ and tips to help reduce them 🙂

As mentioned in the video the 4 main ways we get more exposure to toxins are:

  1. Through our food.
  2. Through the environment.
  3. From products.
  4. From our mental state.


The Dirty Dozen-Fruits and Vegetableshttps://youtu.be/zm9KiBpnjUk

The Dirty Dozen Chemicals

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