Hello love,

Today I want to share with you more about the emotional eating journey and judgement.

I notice when clients are on this journey or before they start hey get caught up in what others will think which can derail them.

When I was on my emotional earring journey and was moving past the deeper emotions and wasn’t as triggered, I was  able to start nourishing my body. I was listening to my hunger cues and I was changing how I was eating because I realized how different foods made me feel. 

As I started changing, I started to get comments about the way I was eating from other women – friends, coworkers, etc. 

Something about the way I was being was triggering them. 

Luckily I learned this: 

If I feel good eating the way I eat then it is all about me. Whatever I eat doesn’t impact someone else, it doesn’t take away from them. I don’t have to change the way I’m nourishing myself to please someone else or make them feel comfortable. The food is going into my body. 

So I kept on nourishing my body and changing the way I was eating. I knew part of the reason I was getting these comments was that I was changing.

Maybe I was triggering others because I was changing and they wanted me to stay the same so they wouldn’t have to look at their own issues.

People pleasing?

I see this with clients when they are actively resolving their emotional eating and changing the way they are nourishing themselves. Once we are able to resolve our triggers the way we nourish ourselves changes because we are more connected to our body’s needs. 

This can trigger others because this new way of relating to food is different. When others comment on the way you are eating, you can be triggered back into people pleasing to make them feel ok. Which can then trigger emotional eating. I notice this in a lot of my clients. They are people pleasers. This triggers emotional eating because we ignore our true needs and give in to another’s expectations which leaves us vulnerable to emotional eating the guilt we feel after.

So an important take away I learned was that, what I am doing feels good in my body, I feel good and moving through this journey is good for me as well. It’s important to keep coming back to how you feel.


So if we trigger them by changing and are judged. Their judgement can trigger us only if we are not solid in ourselves. If we are committed to our path, clear and have support we will not be derailed from our goal. Having support and a container is important for success. 

When I was first starting my journey I read that you are only successful as the people around you. You want to have others around you who support you. I didn’t have that which made this journey more difficult. Now with my clients, they have community, they have me to coach them, and a plan. They can move forward with so much more ease. 

Transformation + Boundaries

That’s the interesting thing about change and transformation – it shifts us internally and can impact those around you as well. They can be inspired or judgemental. But the beauty of transformation is that it helps you come back to who you are. Those who judge you and can’t support you will fade away and those who accept you will emerge.

This is also an amazing place to start creating boundaries for yourself. Learning to say – this makes me feel good. And leaving it there. What others are feeling is theirs to process and work through. 

This is a great opportunity to stand up for your self and move away from people pleasing. This gives you the opportunity to attract people who support you and want to celebrate your growth.

It’s important to have support, a plan, guidance and coaching so you can see where you are stuck. Especially with boundaries and other issues that arise.

As we are growing there can be judgement because others don’t want us to change because us staying the same is familiar. They most likely want to change themselves but are avoiding it.  They try to control you unconsciously so they don’t have to look at their own stuff. 

NB: Of course you can also have this judgemental voice internally but in this video I wanted to focus on the external.

The emotional eating journey is nuanced. Sometimes we have supportive others and sometimes we don’t. On this journey we need specialized support to accelerate our growth, and move through this emotional eating pattern. As we do we start feeling good in our body and around food.

Invitation: If this is resonating with you I’d love for you to check out The Emotional Eating Evolution Program HERE which this is full of support, guidance and a step by step plan to help you resolve your emotional eating so you can  feel free, confident and at ease in your body and around food.

To moving forward,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert