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In this week’s video I want to share with you a tool I started using years ago to help me know if I was really hungry. I used to be an emotional eater and catch myself binge eating. Learning the difference between emotional eating and true hunger was a game changer.  In the video I talk about how you can tell the difference.

So check it out or scroll down for my notes.

Morning Hunger?

The morning is a great time to notice true hunger and start your day on the right foot! Throughout the night the body is busy with a lot of metabolic functions. This creates waste that the body needs to  release. Cue going to the bathroom. If you notice your morning urine is pretty dark – this means you are dehydrated. So if you get ‘hungry’ first thing in the morning you are thirsty. Drink 2 glasses of water and watch it vanish.

Use water to Discern  True from Phantom Hunger

When the next round of hunger hits drink a little more water to make sure your stomach is growling for food! If your stomach still growls then you are hungry.

For some of us eating is a coping strategy to stress. This is where we ‘think’ we are hungry but are using it to avoid feeling whatever unpleasant feeling is coming up.  So when you are hungry a good idea is to see where the hunger is coming from. Is it in your head or in your stomach?  If it’s in your stomach EAT (use the water test above)! If it is in your head go into the feeling and see what’s happening to create the stress.

Eating When You Aren’t Truly Hungry

If we are eating when we are not hungry this can lead to weight gain, poor digestion and feeling of being out of control. I say no thank you!  This gets in the way of our health, our confidence and our beauty!  I hope this article has helped you gain a better understanding of hunger and the impact it has.

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