Hello love,

Today I wanted to share with you how you can move through this season not at the mercy of food, or your emotions and to come out of it feeling at ease. 

When I was going through my own emotional eating journey this time of year was difficult. There are so many events, social events, social anxiety, tons of food, cooler weather and less sunshine.

All of these things impact us this time of year. As emotional eaters when we feel discomfort or uncomfortable emotions we turn to food to soothe ourselves. This time of year there is a lot of stress + food to numb out on.

So, we want to move through it powerfully and get a handle on this. 

When clients work with me this time of year becomes easeful, it’s not as stressful and they feel less guilt. They can eat for pleasure and enjoy the company they are with.

This is because they have strategies, boundaries, they know what to do and they have a plan to get back on track and feel good in their body (if they do get off track).

They also have compassion for themselves. This is huge.

I want to share with you the 3 areas that are important to focus on during the holidays as an emotional eater. They are true nourishment, body acceptance and emotional wellness. Check out below for more on how to use each area for this time of year.

The 3 most impactful areas…

True Nourishment

-Are you truly hungry or emotionally hungry and triggered into eating at a gathering

-Have you been nourishing yourself or restricting which leads to binging at events.

-Making sure your digestion is optimized so you are optimizing your mood. Of course we aim for about 80% of the time so we have space to live imperfectly.

Body Acceptance

-Rituals to mitigate stress

-eg. An amazing nighttime ritual to calm our nervous system down, reduce any stimulation. This helps with deep sleep, better moods and hunger. 

Emotional Wellness

-Processing through those emotions under the emotional eating

-Resolve the deeper root of social anxiety or body issues and find our true needs (boundaries etc)

-We do this on a body level with somatic meditations with psychotherapy tools with clients. Unprocessed emotions live in our body.

These 3 areas will help you move thought he holidays feeling empowered and on track. Especially if you have support and guidance you know you are doing everything in your power to help yourself and move forward from this. 

This is the beauty of The Emotional Eating Evolution Program which encompasses all 3 areas in a step by step methodology with lots of support in a 12 week container. If this is resonating with you I’d love to invite you to book in a complimentary assessment call to see if the program can help you meet your goals. 

To healthy holidays,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert