Hello love!

Today I wanted to give you some tips on how to make the best food choices when you are out and about so you can feel good.

Let’s get to it!

#1 Bring your own food if it feels right! 

Years ago when I first learned about this I felt empowered. The key word is empowered. This was amazing because I could nourish myself while out. This meant I didn’t have to worry if there was something there for me to eat. Usually for me when I when out there wasn’t anything really nourishing which didn’t help me feel my best.

I want to emphasize that taking food with you is on the premise that you want to feel good. This isn’t about depriving, restricting or preventing yourself from eating what is at the outing.

For example maybe taking some dark chocolate satisfies you instead of the chocolate cake that will leave you feeling bloated.

You can also bring some veggies and hummus if you want more veggies before the main entree because “X” place usually doesn’t offer that.

Or you can bring a dish along to share with everyone!

The point is that you are doing this for you and that you feel empowered. You don’t want to feel deprived or restricted or that you have to bring food.

#2 Be clear about your intention.

This leads from the first point. You want to be clear in yourself about your intention.  

Feeling Good:

If you take food you do it out of the clear intention that it feels good to you.

If you are faced with judgement, or criticism or someone making a comment about your food and you are not clear you will be thrown off balance.

This goes back to having the perspective that you are nourishing rather than depriving your body. 


If you do deprive yourself of something you want to eat at the party you will feel restricted. If someone makes a comment about the delicious cake and you are already depriving yourself you will feel even worse. 

This is why clarity is important. Embodied clarity I might add.

People tend to comment if you are doing something differently. Perhaps they are being judgemental or critical but if there is a small part of you that is being that way it will magnify it. 

#3 & 4  Feel good about the choice you make. 

More specifically if you eat something while out that you wouldn’t normally have, enjoy it and let it go. Maybe you will feel badly later on but in the moment it is worth it. Own your choice and don’t make yourself feel worse. The point is to feel good with either choice in the moment and let go of punishing yourself if you didn’t make the best choice. Now you know yourself better! Maybe you will pause before indulging if you feel horrible in your body and the momentary moment of deliciousness isn’t worth it.

To sum up the video it is important to feel good and empowered about any choice we make while out. If you decide it’s important to feel good and you need to bring your own snacks, do that. If your grandma’s chocolate cake is calling you but you get a stomach ache after, do that consciously and don’t punish yourself. 

To better food choices!


Certified Holistic Nutritionist.