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In this week’s video I am talking about emotional eating. This is a HUGE topic and I share the strategy that I used to overcome my emotional eating. While I feel I have got a handle on my emotions when it comes to eating I believe we are constantly learning how to deal with emotions. As a society we are now becoming aware of this aspect of ourselves and how to process it. A lot of people still stuff their feelings, feel ashamed of feeling too much and don’t know what to do with their feelings. When you don’t deal with feelings and emotions they go somewhere and that somewhere could potentially be with food.

I honestly believe we have the POWER to change habits if we choose to. While that is a great little sentence it takes WORK and sometimes YEARS to see change but it is possible. Always look back at where you have come and don’t focus too much on a mishap or mis-step along the way #progressnotperfection

Check out this week’s video if you find yourself jumping to food when emotionally triggered – maybe you didn’t even know it!

Tips Mentioned:

  1. Recognize feeling ‘bad’ or being triggered by an internal or external event.
  2. If you can’t quite get to recognizing the feeling question your hunger. Is it true OR phantom hunger?
  3. Once you recognize you are triggered INTERRUPT the behaviour (ie don’t go for food) and do something else for 10-20 minutes.
  4. Once the feeling is not as strong go into it and journal, meditate or talk to someone about how you are feeling and you will (hopefully) uncover the ROOT CAUSE of your wanting to eat.
  5. Create alternate solutions for the problem you are using food to avoid.

Resources Mentioned:

1. The book that really shed light on this is called Shrink Yourself

2. I also find the ‘Feeling Equation’ in Gabby Bernstein’s “Add More ~ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness” really helps to dive into a feeling and see where it is coming from.

While food can comfort and nourish us, when our relationship with it gets out of hand it sabotages our health! I hope my story has inspired you to take charge of this toxic eating pattern you may have. If you need support and guidance please be sure to reach out, I would love to help!

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Holistic Nutritionist.