Hello love,

What I find with a lot of women and clients that come to me is that all the things they have tried go against themselves. Like the diets, exercise, therapy, magic bullets, etc.

Because of this what inevitably happens is that they fall back into their old emotional eating patterns. This tells me that these solutions are not getting to the root and putting them against themselves instead of working with themselves. 

So if you are going against a part of yourself, one part wins and one part loses. So that means you lose! Which puts you back to square one.

So this is something that I’ve noticed with clients and I noticed this on my own journey as well. Every diet I did, or when I pushed past my resistance and bulldozed and willpowered and forced myself to do certain things I always snapped back into my emotional eating pattern.

What I realized through my journey was that I was not working with myself but against myself. 

I was taking all of the external advice and doing all of the things but not getting in touch with who I was and resolving what was in my way.

This is not to say that adding in new habit is something we can’t do but when we start doing things and we always get pulled back that means there is something in the way we need to look at. 


When we get pulled back in the emotional eating pattern we haven’t looked at the root and resolved it so we can move forward in a new empowered way. So we’re working against a part of us. 

When I say a part of us, I mean the part of us that emotionally eats and developed this coping mechanism. This usually goes back to when we were younger and was how we soothed our self from any discomfort, stress or uncomfortable emotions. 

Of course now this pattern is not helpful. It was “trying” to meet our needs by coping BUT that is not really meeting our needs. So if we want to resolve this pattern we have to meet our true needs and turn towards ourselves. We can’t just slap something onto ourselves and expect resolution.

I want to share how you can turn back towards yourself because most things out there put us against ourselves, telling us something is wrong with us. 

I want to share the 3 key areas that I discovered on my emotional eating journey that I needed to turn towards that helped me resolve me emotional eating. 

3 Key Areas

True Nourishment

  • being able to nourish yourself and your body’s needs
  • what your body needed in terms of food vs. emotionally
  • with diets they tell you something is wrong with your body
  • this way of nourishment connects you back to your needs

Body Acceptance

  • look at the rhythms of your body, the energy your body needs
  • taking back your worth from just your body, learning body acceptance
  • not feeling you need to fit into this “box” to feel worthy, validated and loved

Emotional Wellness

  • turn towards the emotions under the emotional eating pattern
  • getting touch with them resolving, integrating them at a body level
  • these emotions are pulling the strings of this pattern and with resistance as well
  • as you turn towards these emotions and process them you get in touch with our true needs so we can move forward in the way we want to resolving this pattern
  • food no longer can satisfy us emotionally as we meet our true needs

When you keep going to the external things (diets, exercise, magic bullets, etc) you are moving away from yourself. You need to look at what needs to be resolved. This lets you start feeling more whole and more confident. 

As you turns towards the 3 areas above you start feeling more connected to yourself, more free and at ease in your body and around food.

Invitation: The areas I mentioned above we cover inside of the Emotional Eating Evolution Program my step by step methodology, with guidance, support, meditations etc. to help you resolve your emotional eating from the root so you can feel confident in your body and around food. Find out more here. 

To being for yourself,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert.