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In today’s video I want to go over how inner beauty and inner relaxation can create outer beauty. I want to give you some tangible tips on how suppressed emotions can create lines and what you can do about it!


For me inner beauty stems from relaxation and that means everything is functioning well on the inside. You can then see beauty externally in a relaxed face. 


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In Ayurveda and TCM certain organs are associated with certain parts of the face and certain emotions. For instance in Ayurveda in a facial diagnosis if you have lines (11) in between your eyes one is a liver line and spleen line. The liver line pertains to suppressed anger and the spleen line to fear. Under the eyes relate to adrenals and kidneys and chronic stress. The folds along your cheeks (labiofacial lines) pertain to the lungs and colon (unprocessed grief and letting go). 


There are networks of nerves (or meridians and channels in TCM) that connect our face to certain organs. This can give us clues where we are holding on to or suppressing certain emotions. Repeated facial patterns (emotional patterns) will show on our face as premature lines or grooves. This happens when emotions are not processed and held in. When our face is mostly relaxed we will not create deep lines as we process emotions in the moment. 


What can we do?


Process your emotions! Of course we all want to look good but there is a deeper reason to process emotions. 


Example: Liver


For example if we see we have a liver line between your eyebrows, you may be holding on to suppressed anger. This will deplete the function of the liver and therefore not be able to detox from other things as well. 


If we are able to use our face to see that there is a deeper issue we can trace it back to the liver. We can support it physically but if we don’t get to the root cause (the emotion) we will just be supporting it as a pattern and not getting to the bottom of it. 



I like to do deep somatic body work which integrates all parts of the mind and body to clear it. This is a process that you can start with this video HERE. If you need support please reach out! 


So this video is to show you that we can house unprocessed emotions in our body in certain organs. These organs are connected to parts of our face through meridians. We can start seeing where we are storing certain emotions by the deeper lines in our face due to repeated emotional patterns.


I hope this has been helpful. Let me know if you use your face to tell where you may have repressed emotions!


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Certified Holistic Nutritionist.