Hello love,

I wanted to talk a bit more about resistance, but a specific type of resistance.

A lot of the times when talk to women coming into my community, their resistance is around emotional eating and how to actually move through their emotional eating pattern. They have blocks to that. They don’t know the steps to that.

But the resistance I want to talk about today is that initial resistance to making a profound change, to getting to the root of this pattern.

I talk to women that have tried all the things and they haven’t gotten the results. When a solution is presented to them and of course I’m talking about The Emotional Eating Evolution Program, they are hesitant.

That is the resistance that I’m talking about that keeps them from resolving this pattern. I only know about my specific methodology which resolves emotional eating from the root.

It’s not about coping, it’s not about Band Aids. It’s about the deeper work.

The program that I’ve created gets to those deeper layers of this pattern and creating the structure and the flow to help you fully resolve this pattern. This has worked for me and the women that I’ve helped through the program.

THIS resistance holds you back from resolving your emotional eating, the resistance of taking that step, taking that leap.

This resistance sounds like

This type of resistance sounds a lot like it is taking care of you. It is trying to be adult, it’s trying to make a decision that’s helpful to you, but it’s limited. This might sound like, 

-it’s not the right time

-I won’t be able to do the program perfectly. 

-I can’t afford it right now, even though my kids are in private school, I just went on a trip, etc

-I’m not sure, will this really work for me, even though I see all the women that have succeeded. 

All of these kinds of thoughts boil down to your own internal resistance. It’s important to look at what this resistance is about. 


So if you think it’s not the right time, will it ever be the right time? We all have busy lives, we have kids.

Things happen in our life that are unexpected. We couldn’t predict the last few years. We can’t predict the next few years. We can create a plan. But what I can say is that when you emotionally eat, what you’re doing is that you are avoiding what’s really going on.

And that actually derails your life even more. So it makes your life even more unpredictable. It makes your life even more difficult when things come up to manage. 


If you say, “I don’t think I’ll be able to do the program perfectly well”, there’s nothing in life we do perfectly. 

Life is not about perfection.

We are always evolving, always growing, which means there’s no point of perfection. There’s becoming more and more whole and there’s nothing we’re going to do in life that is perfect. If you think you have to be perfect, then that’s pointing to something even bigger. This perfectionism can be triggering your emotional eating. I see this with clients all the time.

Are you worth it? Do you deserve a bigger vision of your life?

If you say you can’t afford it, yet you’re able to have your kids go to private school, or go on vacations. Then it’s time to see what you are investing in or escaping with. I have nothing against ornate education or vacation – I love that for you + your kids. 

But think about your own education, your own investment in yourself. This is about resolving a pattern, a coping mechanism that’s been running your life, that’s actually preventing you from succeeding in life, going after your goals, maybe even making more money, having better connections, deeper intimacy.

When you feel good in your body and around food, and you have that confidence and your nervous system is regulated, your prefrontal cortex and your perspective is wider, it’s expansive. You’re going to see opportunities, you’re going to see things. But when you limit yourself you’re actually saying you’re not worthy and valuable, which is part of the emotional eating pattern. 

So really think about where do you want to invest your money and your time?

Is it into you and upping your worth and your value and seeing that so you can model that for your kids, model that in relationships, be that in the world? Or do you want to keep buying into this pattern that’s kept you small? 

These are some of the main limits I see with women. These limits really sound convincing and like it’s trying to help you. It’s trying to help you move forward and you’re doing the right thing, but what it’s really doing is limiting you.

So everyone that gains that success, that moves forward, that resolves this pattern, they invest. 

A bit about my investment story

I’ll share a little bit about my own story. When I started off on this journey, I didn’t know that I was even an emotional eater. I didn’t even know what it was. I didn’t have the information that I have now.

All I knew is that I needed help. So I invested where I could. I used tips that I could, and so I used a lot of willpower with the diets and exercise. Then when I had some money, I invested in a personal trainer.

When I left university, after I had tried so many things, I went to talk therapy and thought this is the deeper layer that I need to move through. Then I saw a chiropractor.

I was doing all the things and I wasn’t getting that sustainable change. Even though those things weren’t the deeper layer that I needed, they helped give me some tools.

They helped me with some structure. Even though I didn’t use them as I moved forward, I still benefited from them because it showed me what I didn’t need.

That’s how I started to experiment and implement things which created The Emotional Eating Evolution Program. When I was investing in all of those things, all I knew was that I needed help and I needed to understand what was going on. When I was investing in all of these different modalities, I remember having $20 a week to myself to buy a tea or to do something extra.

It was worth it

I’m not saying you have to be to that extreme, but those few extra hundred dollars a month, was worth it to figure out this pattern. I could see the bigger picture. I could see the vision of where I wanted to go. I didn’t want to have this pattern. I wanted to feel good. I wanted to not be constantly doubting myself, be obsessing, be criticizing myself.

I didn’t want to live in this prison anymore and I would have done anything, and I did do as much as I could to get out of it. 

When I really saw what the pattern was about, I made smarter investments in the skills I needed to help clients. I went back to Holistic Nutrition School and then took a 2 year program in somatic psychotherapy.

This is all to say that it’s important to invest in your education, invest in who you are, to go deeper, to get to those roots. But that first barrier is you.

Collapse time

I wish I had this program and the tools it provides. Sometimes I look back and it’s sort of sad.

I wish I had this program because I would have been able to just move through this and save myself a lot of years of insecurity, doubt and not feeling good in my body. I’m the one that has to look back at those photos and see how I felt. And yes, I learned a lot, so I take the wisdom from it. But part of me is like, “wow, that’s a lot of time of my life that I didn’t get to fully enjoy”. 

Our life is not super long. We have limited time.

When we emotionally eat, we’re coping and we’re covering up parts of ourselves that when we integrate them, we become more whole, we become more expansive. We can see that bigger vision for ourselves, we can go after our goals and we feel at ease in our body and around food. When we feel that ease in ourself, we’re going to have that bigger perspective and move forward with so much more clarity and alignment. 

If what I’m saying to you is resonating, I’d love for you to check out more about The Emotional Eating Evolution Program as your next step to resolving this pattern. 

And if you’re ready to resolve this pattern, you can also book in an Emotional Eating Clarity call HERE. On the call, we find out more about you, what your goals are and how we can support you in the program. You’ll gain a lot of clarity on this call on your next steps.

To a clear path,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist Specializing in Emotional Eating