Hello love,

I wanted to share more about how I feel about emotional eating. I didn’t always feel it was a doorway to my evolution, I thought it was a huge block to what I wanted which was to feel at ease in my body and around food.

As I worked through this pattern it helped me understand myself more and evolve in so many ways. This is because this emotional eating pattern has many layers. 

Emotional eating usually starts in childhood and is a coping mechanism to help soothe us and distract from any uncomfortable emotion, discomfort or stress.

Emotions are so important to navigate our lives but sadly we are sold all these fixes to help us with our emotional eating. The diets, exercise plans and even certain therapy make us feel something is wrong with us and disconnect us more. 

If we were modelled how to be with our emotions, how to hear our body’s cues, and how to accept ourselves and that we are inherently ok life would be different.

I certainly didn’t feel that way. I felt out of control all the time and not at ease. 

I want to share with you how emotional eating becomes your doorway to your evolution. When you finally commit and are ready to resolve this pattern you open the doorway to evolution!

Through my own journey I created a step by step process that I guide clients through in The Emotional Eating Evolution Program.

Emotional eating has many layers and while the deep root is in childhood we need to move through the layers from the most recent to the core. I find this works best for clients so they feel safe and grounded through the process. 

The process is as follows…

We evolve our nourishment by

  • distinguishing between true and emotional hunger
  • nourishing our bodies to eliminate binges from restriction. 
  • optimizing our digestion which helps to evolve our moods

We evolve our body acceptance by

  • how do we talk to ourselves; punishing and criticizing?
  • or acceptance in order to create true change
  • acceptance of our energy levels and nourishment needs as they fluctuate based on our cycle or lifestyle.

We evolve our emotional wellness by

  • getting into the roots of the emotional eating pattern and the emotions running the pattern
  • processing, resolving and integrating these emotions on a body level
  • we create space for more clarity and at ease in our body + food

These 3 areas are amazing to help you evolve as you gain more awareness connecting you to your body, emotions and yourself. All of this is important because when you are connected you don’t feel like you are scrambling and will have more clarity + direction in your life.

If you’re ready to evolve yourself and resolve your emotional eating I would love to invite you to book in an Emotional Eating Assessment call. You can also find out more details about The Emotional Eating Evolution Program here. 

To evolution,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert