In today’s video I wanted to talk about dealing with resistance to change. This is a topic I deal with a lot with clients, especially when trying to makes significant changes. My way of ‘dealing’ with resistance is contrary to how we deal with it as a society.

There are two ways we can deal with resistance (that I see). Check out the video or scroll down below.

Way #1

The first way is to bulldoze or willpower our way through to the ‘goal’. This involves bypassing resistance to change everything in one go.  Usually you fall back into old patterns quickly. This is because you haven’t looked at the patterns and the resistance that constantly pulls you back.

Way #2

What I found that works and what I help clients to do is something I call sustainable change.

This second way is more gentle . We work together to look at the underlying blocks to the ‘goal’. The path is not straight and veers left to right but it has a general pattern towards the goal. This way allows us to look at the beliefs, patterns and any other underlying root cause of emotional eating.

This way requires some effort at times but with a little effort it becomes effortless! This is why it is helpful to have guidance when you are in the dark and unsure if you are reaching your goal!

For me the old way of bulldozing through doesn’t work. This is because we are bypassing our emotions, fears and resistance. So, when we reach our goal it becomes meaningless. We haven’t gotten to the root of what is making us feel the way we are and we can easily fall back into old patterns.

Reaching the end goal doesn’t give you the confidence and happiness you want, it’s the learning through the journey that does 😉

For me the better way was to go within, go slower and face my blocks.  When we don’t look at our emotions and beliefs we are avoiding the root cause and can’t create true change.

I hope this video has helped you see the difference in the 2 paths. Which one do you find yourself using? This can be with food or other parts of your life, like your career. Let me know! And if you have any questions please be sure to leave a comment!

To true change,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist