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I recently went away with my son for a mama-child retreat in Bali. It was a long flight (over 23 hours between 2 flights!). Since we haven’t travelled in a while this trip inspired me to share some of my tips, supplements and foods I travel with to remain healthy

Check out the video or scroll down for more details. 

1. List!

Make sure you have a list! This prevents anxiety. With my son running around all the time my attention is constantly being challenged. I created an extensive list of literally everything I needed to pack. Needless to say clothing was the shortest list 😉

2. Supplements

  • Greens powder: (I’ve used Green Vibrance travel packs in the past but used Greens+ Daily Detox on   this trip and found a 135g size that was perfect for 10 days!). Greens are something I have daily (several times a day). I love green smoothies because they are nutrient dense, alkalinizing, taste yummy, full of enzymes and are detoxifying. When I travel it’s hard to find a green smoothie so I rely on green powders. These are great for travel as they are alkalinizing, nutrient dense, contain enzymes, probiotics and herbs to help with detoxificaiton. This helps the body and especially the gut so that you’re less likely to get sick on a trip. 
  • Probiotics – a shelf stable or travel probiotic is important for gut health, digestion and immunity. All very important in everyday life but especially so when in a foreign country. The water and food may be different and you might need a more boosted system to combat the changes.
  • Digestive enzymes – these are amazing to help with digesting your meals fully. You are able to extract the nutrients more efficiently and prevent or reduce bloating and gas. 

For specific brands I like you can send me a message 🙂 This supplemental foundation as well as eating simple meals while travelling has helped me avoid getting any digestive issues. I’ve been to countries all over in the world and in particular to India and Mexico and have never gotten sick 😉

3. Food on the airplane

  • Larabars (my son’s fav are the cashew + date ones)
  • Mary’scrackers + avocado (simple snack, healthy fats, whole grains, gluten free)
  • fresh fruits and veggies (banans, apples, cut up carrots, cauliflower, broccoli)
  • homemade trail mix (goji berries, almonds, pumpkin seeds, raisins)
  • not mentioned (rice wraps with sprouts, avocado, hummus, grated carrots)
  • oatmeal on the go (1/2 cup organic oatmeal, 1 medjool date, cinnamon) just add hot water

4. Asking for raw vegan in flight meals

This was an option for us with Korean Air. I think it is good whether you are vegan or not! I have heard this is an option for other Asian airlines as well. In any case it doesn’t hurt to ask as it is included for long haul flights!

A raw vegan meal ensures more fresh veggies and fruits will be available in case your food runs out (like it did for me!). I tend to eat more when I travel. We were in commute for about 24 hours (2 flights) so this was helpful. I didn’t eat everything given but was happy to have some extra food!

Normally, I wouldn’t eat airplane food but in this case there were raw vegan and vegan options. Airplane food is usually microwaved and arapped in plastic with foil. This is not the best way to prepare food and reduces the nutrients. Raw vegan meals are just kept cold in the fridge so they are not microwaved and retain more nutrients 🙂

5. Hydrating Face Mist by Josh Rosebrook 

This mist this saved our skin. We used this every few hours to keep our skin as hydrated as possible. It contains a few different oils and herbs and that was pretty much it – a very clean beauty product. Really great for moms as you don’t need to touch you or your child’s face. Awesome when the only bathroom you have is shared by at least a hundred people!

6. Oral Care

Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss to make sure your mouth feels as clean as possible!

7. Water

I brought along 2 refillable water bottles, bought extra water before boarding and also took water from the flight attendants and filled up my bottles. I was able to get hot water as well to have tea!

8. Tea bags 

I brought along tulsi tea to relax my system. It helps me to sleep better. I also took along peppermint tea. It’s rough to have any type of indigestion while flying. Peppermint helps with digestion, bloating and gas 🙂 

9. Vitamin C 

I used vitamin C for myself and a spray version for my son. I used the Organic brand. I wouldn’t use this every day as I prefer to get vitamin C from food. I also bought a vitamin C spray from Garden of Life that was food based. I gave this to my son. He called it the popsicle spray (yay)! While it tasted yummy it was made of whole food ingredients. While flying we are exposed to more radiation, germs and the air quality is not the best. Having more antioxidants helps to combat these issues. Vitamin C is especially good for immune system.

10. Movement!

Movement is super important while travelling as we are usually dealing with smaller spaces. I am lucky I have an active child who wanted me to run up and down the aisles with him. I also did some stretches and got up every hour or so to use the washroom. Movement helps lubricate joins, circulates nutrients and makes us less prone to infection. 

So there you have it. This list is pretty comprehensive but I do travel with more things for my son 🙂 I hope this list is helpful especially if you tend to feel unwell or get sick while traveling. I’ve never really gotten sick while traveling, only when I didn’t use the tips above. It’s really uncomfortable to be sick and even more so when you’re not in your comfy bed.

Let me know if you will try these tips or already do – comment below. I would love to hear your feedback 🙂 

To healthy travel,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist.