This will be a short, but important post. I leave for vacation in a few days and have been a busy bee packing all sorts of goodies for my trip. Hopefully I will share them soon.

I wrote about lemons in this post but didn’t elaborate as to why they are so good for you. They are sooo good in fact that I forced, I mean convinced, my finance to have it every day as a mini detox for his much abused liver :S

Why are lemons are so good?

1. Lemon juice stimulates the liver, our main detoxifying and fat burning organ. If you want to be in great shape from the inside out make sure your liver is functioning optimally. Things like caffeine, processed foods and alcohol do not help the liver. So if you indulge a little or a lot take the time to detox EVERY day.

2. They dissolve uric acid (high levels cause gout, a type of arthritis) and other toxins and liquefies the bile (bile is secreted by the liver to digest fat!).

3. The enzymes found in lemons are easily converted to liver enzymes more so than any other food. So, if your liver enzyme reserve is low, lemons will help to build it up.

4. They help to alkalize the body. Read more here.

How to make the perfect lemon water?

Fill half a glass with hot water. Add cold water until the temperature is warm enough to drink without scalding your tongue! Add the juice of half a lemon. Be sure not to add the lemon juice to the hot water as it will destroy the enzymes and we don’t want that!

Tip-buy real lemons!

Please, please, please do not buy lemon juice in a bottle from the grocery store thinking you are doing something good for yourself. This juice is not ‘alive’ and the enzymes are not beneficial as they have probably died a horrible death by being bottled.

Please do buy fresh lemons and cut them yourself!

Now go get a lemon and squeeze it (into some water that is!).

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