Hello beautiful,

This week I wanted to talk about emotional eating in more depth. I have touched on this in another video here. In this video I talk about my experience a bit more as well as how to get to the root cause of the behaviour. If you are experiencing emotional eating there is a way out!

I want to preface this video by saying we don’t ‘cure’ emotional eating but rather learn to be more aware and manage it. It is a journey. We need to have food in our life and cannot totally eliminate it unlike other addictions.

I want you to know that you don’t have to feel out of control around food or that something is wrong with you.

Recognizing Emotional Eating was a key step to help me develop a healthier relationship with food. It also helped me to feel in control again. At my worst I would have 3-4 meals in a sitting and feel so stuffed after. I would feel awful for eating so much and numbed out. I hated this feeling. But I found a way that got to the root cause of my behaviour. Check out the video to find out!


I hope this video has helped you. I know that at my worst I was desperate to find a cure, help or just a way to feel good again. Being aware of my emotions has given me a lot of freedom and I hope ti does for you too. If you have any questions or need support send me an email ([email protected]) or leave a comment below.

To a healthy relationship with food,


Holistic Nutritionist