Today’s post is the follow-up to last week’s post featuring Julie Daniluk “Julie Daniluk has a Hate on for the word Diet – Find Out Why!”. As I mentioned in Part 1 last week, Julie is an amazing woman who also happens to be a Holistic Nutritionist, public speaker, author, and TV host. Ms. Daniluk is on a mission to help people create what she refers to as “Juicy Vitality”, or being fully alive.

In her most recent book Slimming Meals that Heal Inflammation Julie focuses on inflammation as the root cause of most diseases. Unlike many ‘diets’ and eating plans that focus on a particular way of eating (raw, vegan, paleo, etcetera), Julie focuses on the deeper cause of inflammation. In today’s post Julie shares with us her top 5 unconventional foods to reduce inflammation.

Here are the 5 unconventional anti-inflammatory foods straight from the mouth of Julie herself!

Michelle Lall: What are your 5 favorite (personal) anti-inflammatory foods that you have every day or would recommend someone add in?

Julie Daniluk: top 5 favorites…I’m going to try to give you different ones that I don’t say in every interview!
1. Wild Leeks are amazing and they are such a superfood that are local right now. So I want everyone to try wild leeks because they … are part of the allium family [and] very high in Quercetin which is an active bioflavonoid that reduces inflammation and reduces histamine response which is beautiful and a good source of sulfur compounds which are very healing to your joints.

2. I would love to speak to the health properties of rapini. I think rapini is so undersold. Rapini is so good because it is bitter and it stimulates liver function and pulls out extra bile so it’s going to reduce gall stones, it’s going to be an extra liver tonic. It also helps to balance our hormones because it is high in indole-3-carbinol.

3. … Moving into berries I’d have to say that my  favorite tea right now is a tea called honey bush. …honey bush tea is incredible because it balances your blood sugar and also helps with hormonal balance – it’s a phytoestrogen. It tastes really delicious, it’s naturally sweet .
4. …Slippery Elm Bark would be … one of the most healing foods on the planet that is underutilized. I love slippery elm for healing IBS, IBD symptoms. Super-duper mucilage to help soothe an ulcer. I love that one.

5. The last one …anchovies. Anchovy oil like Nutri-C is amazing because it is extremely high in EPA and EPA is the healing fat that really works as a pain killer in the body. So little tiny fish, anchovies, sardines, mackerel, herring are really the most important seafood to be focusing on.


There you have it. Start incorporating these 5 unconventional anti-inflammatory healing foods to your meals to notice a reduction in inflammation and a renewal of health.

If you want to find out more check out Julie’s new book Slimming Meals that Heal and her first book Meals that Heal Inflammation.

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