Hello love,

This week I wanted to share a bit about a client I have worked with. She has been able to sustain a lot of changes but has noticed lately she is falling back into her emotional eating. Perhaps you feel like that too – that your emotional eating is intensifying?
With the changes in our daily lives we no longer have the other coping strategies or routines we use like our work environment, certain freedoms, going out etc. to feel ok.



We worked together for a few months on nourishing her body and strategies to make it work.

Sometimes when we make a change it is exciting and we have that initial relief so the emotional eating is less. When our strategies are working we don’t want to go deeper – because, why feel that pain? To be honest this is what I felt with my client but everyone is on their own journey. We did some emotional work because the other things we did helped her ease her anxiety.


Now we are working together again after creating a foundation to true nourishment. Because she has this foundation it helps to see triggers more clearly. It’s almost as if the emotional eating is so obvious. As we work together we can go deeper into specific examples and get to the root cause of the emotion. This lets us hear the message that emotion has (a need, a change to make, a limiting belief etc)

Once we clear the root we can now have an action to truly fulfil that need vs. using the food to cover it. 

Unresolved emotions create these patterns as a way to cope.


In the case of my client we sometimes need support. I highly suggest finding a compassionate and empathetic person who can honour how you feel. A compassionate space helps us move through emotions vs. feeling shame.

Deeper Emotions

We can be triggered and use food. I have found that because I don’t use food to cope anymore that I am finding my mind diverting my energy away from emotions as well. But as you become more attuned to your body you will feel the tense and contracted feeling in the body and that helps to see that you holding in an emotion.

So as we nourish ourselves, see our patterns and dive into the emotions we can resolve our emotional eating and truly meet our needs!

To support,