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Today I want to share with you a bit more about triggers and how you can use them to resolve your emotional eating pattern.

When we are emotional eaters, we might think we have a trigger food and we need to keep that food out of our house. We have triggering things happening all around us, and what we might do is just try to avoid them. A lot of the surface solutions might say, don’t have that food in the house, avoid certain situations. 

But it’s not as simple as that.

When we avoid the food or situation, it doesn’t mean we’re resolving the pattern. Emotional eating is multilayered. It’s a coping mechanism and triggers are our gateway to our liberation from this pattern. Triggers are giving us a lot of information about what we need to do moving forward.

Triggers can be situations that come, instances or people. It can change and vary. It can be a food, it can be a situation. But essentially a trigger is just giving us the tip of the iceberg of what’s going on. Giving us some awareness that we can use to dive deeper. 

When I work with clients, something that we’re doing and exploring in The Emotional Eating Evolution Program are their triggers.

When are you triggered?

So, when are they triggered into their emotional eating? And what is the circumstance? What is happening? What are the foods they go to?

I don’t really believe that there’s a food that triggers us into emotional eating. What I would say about foods is that once we start going to that food, and usually as emotional eaters, when we’re in this sort of emotional eating spiral, we are drawn to processed foods. We have certain foods we want to instantly have. As we’re consuming them, because they’re processed they’re not nutrient dense. So they don’t satisfy our hunger on multiple levels. They’re designed to have us consume a lot of it.

But we have to go deeper. We have to look at what actually triggered, what instigated, what started this pattern. That can be multilayered. Like I mentioned, emotional eating is multilayered.

What we’ve been sold to is that there’s one magic bullet. There’s one simple thing do – the surgery, take the pill, the diet, cut out this food. I’ve spoken to so many women and the consensus is it doesn’t work. 

When you have the surgery or you take the prescription and you’re still having thoughts about food in your body, obviously it’s no longer something’s wrong with my body. There’s something deeper going on.

Until we resolve those deeper levels, we won’t resolve this pattern.

Triggers Are a Gateway

SO what I want to share with you in terms of triggers is to really start thinking about them as the gateway, that’s going to help us dive deeper. 

When I work with clients, we have to work through a model, we have to work through a framework to really pinpoint what are your triggers, what’s really going on for you, what’s your pattern. You want to understand your own pattern. And this is going to be important because it’s going to help you really see what’s going on with your emotional eating.

Check out the video for more on:

  • Emotional Eating is a Coping Mechanism
  • Observing Your Pattern and Triggers in 3 Main Areas
  • Triggers are the tip of the iceberg


If what I’m saying is resonating for you and you are just ready to resolve your emotional eating from the root, then I’d love to invite you to find out more about The Emotional Eating Evolution Program. This is a 12 week container with my step by step methodology to resolve your emotional eating from the root. The program is designed to give you have lots of support, accountability, coaching and in depth somatic meditations to move through your emotional eating pattern at the root. Find out more HERE. 

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