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Emotional eating is so much more than just about food. Most of the time when women come to me they think the thing they need to change is their diet.

As we work through the process it becomes so much more than just the food and more about the emotions under the food.

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is a coping mechanism where we use food to soothe us and distract from discomfort, uncomfortable emotions or stress.

We have this association with food because food does make us feel good but is not resolving our emotional eating. We usually develop this in childhood.

When we work with emotional eating in The Emotional Eating Evolution Program we do start with True Nourishment phase because we live in a diet culture and we also look at how we treat our bodies in the Body acceptance phase. These areas when out of alignment impact our moods 

BUT it’s not only about how we eat or treat our body.

A missing piece…

A big piece is the emotions under the emotional eating. So if you are using diets and exercise and not seeing a shift in your emotional eating – you need to do the deeper work.

In my process we use emotional eating as a trigger to work with this pattern in the Emotional Wellness phase of the program. Usually what I find with clients is that this doesn’t even connect with food. So it’s a tricky thing to think about consciously.

What is usually the case it that it usually goes back to our unmet needs as children, which will be different for each of us. 

Working through the emotions under emotional eating…

In my process we work with these emotions on a somatic level with inner child and parts work. Just being aware of a certain situation doesn’t resolve this pattern.

We need to work with it on a subconscious level in the body. There is a specific process I use to do this and I do this privately with clients and through guided mediations. 

This is where I see clients get the most profound shift with their emotional eating. When we process these emotions, resolve and integrate we can create a new way of being. At this level emotional eating is not really about the food. 

Here I also find changing the way we nourish ourself and treat our body becomes more effortless. The emotional resistance has been released and we can move with more ease.

Through this process we learn to feel safe with the emotions running the show and process them. This is where you start feeling at ease in your body and around food.

With the right support guidance and step by step process this is not scary at all.

The invitation

So if you are in a place where you are trying the diets, exercise plans or even conventional therapy this might be the missing piece for you and are ready to resolve your emotional eating I would love to invite you to book in an Emotional Eating Assessment call. This call is about where you are at, your goals and how you can get there.

To emotional wellness,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Guide