Hello love,

My clients have this sense of disconnection from themselves or something is taking them over. I felt that way myself when I was going through my own emotionally eating journey, I constantly felt worried about food and was anxious. 

We feel disconnected from ourselves because we are!

Emotional eating is a way we distract ourselves from any uncomfortable emotions or discomfort. We usually create this in childhood where we weren’t modelled how regulate ourselves and our emotions. 

We experience this pattern more and more as we experience more stress. This disconnected feeling is a messenger. Every time we use food to soothe we are moving further and further away from ourselves. 

This discomfort is trying to get our attention about something deeper that is going on inside of us. 

When we emotionally eating and then try to control food and our body with the latest diet that is not the solution. 

Emotional Eating is multilayered

At the root of emotional eating are unresolved emotions but there are also other factors that can trigger our anxiety and discomfort and disconnection from ourselves. We never really learned how to be with our discomfort and regulate ourselves. 

This discomfort in our body can have different causes. This is why emotional eating is not one dimensional. It has multiple layers. 

So when I work with clients we work in this systematic way to uncover what is really going on. We start with triggers and work through the phases of the program.

Emotional eating can be triggered by any mood or imbalance in our mood.

Our mood can be impacted in different areas:

Area of Nourishment

  • by not eating enough, this is typical in diets, puts us into survival mode and binging
  • survival mode impacts digestion and mood

Body Level

  • not in tune with body’s rhythms and rituals which create physical stress
  • for example lack of sleep can impact mood and hunger
  • should-ing ourselves to the gym creates stress


  • triggered into a stressful state and don’t know how to be with that emotion and then turn to food

It’s important that when you are moving though the emotional eating journey you look at the areas mentioned above. There are also lifestyle factors I won’t dive into here.

In The Emotional Eating Evolution Program we look at each of these layers to reconnect you back to yourself layer by layer.

If we are not nourishing ourselves well and not digesting well we create poor moods which are not necessarily emotional. If we are not following the rhythms of the body we imbalance our moods. And of course when we use food to cope with emotions that come up in day to day life we are disconnecting ourselves further. 

As we move through each layer the anxiety starts dissipating and you feel more connected. When you connect back to yourself you start to feel confident in yourself, your body and around food. You will be more present with yourself and be able to move forward in your life. 

Emotional eating is a symptom of being disconnected from ourselves on multiple levels. We need a holistic solution to get all those parts to connect back in and feel whole. 

If we only do the food part, or the body part or the emotional part we will not resolve this pattern. We need them all together in a holistic way. This is why I love The Emotional Eating Evolution Program because my clients have such amazing results. We put all the pieces together to create the results you want. 

Invitation: If you are ready to connect back to all of you and finally feel confident in your body and around food I’d love to invite you to book in an Emotional Eating Assessment call here to see if you’d be a good fit for The Emotional Eating Evolution Program.

To connection,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert