This week I wanted to talk about feeling deprived when switching to a healthier way of eating. I really believe that healthy food can be delicious, nourishing and fulfilling but I know a lot of people (including me at one point) feel that they need to deprive themselves in order to eat in a healthier way. This is not something I advocate at all. I have learned how to both have my cake and eat it too. In the video I share a bit about my own deprivation story and how I found balance.

Tips mentioned:

  1. Create an intrinsic or internal goal for why you want to get healthier (not a superficial one like a certain number on the scale or pant size!)
  2. Change one thing at a time.
  3. Adopt an 80:20 or 90:10 guideline so you can still include foods you crave that may not be the most health giving!
  4. Keep treats in your life and you can also start making healthier replacements!
  5. Be kind to yourself. Look at the big picture not just one meal.

Do you ever feel deprived when trying to be ‘healthier’? What do you do when that happens?

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To freedom,


Holistic Nutritionist.