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In this video I want to share something that is foundational to tuning into your body cues. This skill helps with eating the right amount, not overeating and not eating when you don’t need to.


Like with my last video on chewing, mastering the foundation of knowing when you are really hungry is key. It’s sad but we are not ‘taught’ to listen and honour our own hunger. I know this has been a journey for me to really feel hunger in my body and not listen to the ‘diets’ or noise out there about how much, and how often to eat!


Check out the video below or scroll down to read.


Implementing this awareness doesn’t cost anything but has lots of benefits.

For me personally, this is a practice I have to keep implementing. I go through long periods where my appetite and hunger remains relatively consistent. Like with a lot of people I fall into a pattern. The last few months I have found I have needed to eat less even with more activity. For a few weeks I still ate similarly and noticed my body was not happy. I did that because I was afraid something was wrong as I have a large appetite. I really had to let go of the idea I had about my hunger. I was feeling like I wasn’t digesting as well as I could and could feel it in my midsection. Of course, eating too much can lead to weight gain but feeling stagnant in your gut feels awful – I’m sure you feel the same!


When we don’t listen to our body we will experience more digestive issues…

When we don’ listen to our body we will experience more digestive issues; gaining weight, bloating, and feeling ‘heavy’ in our midsection. Our bodies will not secrete the right amount of digestive juices or enzymes for digestion.  This will create indigestion and drain the body. The body spends upwards of 80% of it’s energy on digestion alone. I have a video HERE that can help you distinguish between true and phantom hunger and to also check if you are just thirsty so you are not wasting that valuable energy!


Reaffirming the power of our bodies…

Once I tuned into what my body wanted (a smoothie rather than a large dinner) I started to feel ‘lighter’ in my body and midsection. Over the past several weeks I ‘feel’ more like myself in my body; more full of energy, ‘lighter’ and not feeling stagnant. This happened by listening to my body and not cutting out meals or foods. This was a great experience to reaffirm the power of the body and that it knows what to do to be healthy and regain balance!


So, this experience was a reminder for me to tune into the sensation of hunger and I hope it serves as that to you too. I find this awareness is not emphasized enough and can be something simple to implement and to get to know your body’s true needs better 🙂


Please share this message with anyone that needs it, I would really appreciate it!


Bye kids! (from my son Parker in the video!).


Certified Holistic Nutritionist.