Hello Beautiful!

This week’s video is about the core of what I believe – that diets don’t work and what does!

There are so many diets tooted in the media as the magic pill to your weight loss or health issues. I don’t believe in quick fixes that lead to deprivation – which is what most diets aim to do.

Most diets focus on weight loss which is not a bad thing per se but we need to consider other factors as well. Diets tend to make us feel like we have to do things a certain way which leads to guilt and deprivation. From my experience this is not the way to create sustainable change. Trendy diets are not holistic and ignore stress management and resistance. They also rely on will power to make changes which can run out fast.

When I used to ‘diet’ it would tax my will power and left me feeling like a failure. “What is wrong with me” I would think. I got to a low point where I could not do life and food this way. I decided I wanted to be healthy and in that moment I knew there had to be a better way. One that is sustainable or even transformative – which is what I teach my clients.

Let’s be real, real change takes time, commitment, consistency and support. If we don’t have these in place our journey will take much longer, as it did for me.

So IF you want to know the following:

  • how to nourish yourself
  • how to create true beauty & health from the inside out
  • how to accept your body
  • how to get in touch with true hunger
  • how to feel in control around food
  • how to manage emotional eating
  • how to indulge
  • strategies around food and lifestyle factors

THEN you need to create holistic changes to your nutrition and lifestyle. This is what I wish I had known about when I was trying everything 🙂

So check out the video for more details on this concept and see if it makes sense to you 🙂

I hope this video has shed some light on why diets don’t work and what I believe works and have seen work. Creating sustainable change creates more ease around health and nutrition. There is no deprivation , restriction or guilt! Yasss!

If you would like to find out how we can work together please send me an email at [email protected] .  I would love to guide and support you on this journey!

To sustainable health,


Holistic Nutritionist