Hello love,

Understanding how the brain creates a new way of being will help you succeed in the new year with resolving your emotional eating. 

In January when we set resolutions we tend to fail by about the 2nd week.

And I just want to remind you that you don’t have to wait until January 1st to start. You can always start today.

I want to share some information on how you can move through your emotional eating pattern because change takes time. In order to create sustainable change we need to stick to something for a period of time so it becomes automatic. 

Of course there will be resistance and sabotage. You need to be able to move through it and keep going even when you have doubts and premonitions of failure.

Because you and I have both failed countless times, am I right?

This happens a lot for us as emotional eaters and I know for me this happened for years on end as I tried the latest diet on my emotional eating journey.

During that period I didn’t understand how my brain and patterns worked which kept me in the loop of starting again. Now I know how this pattern plays out and all my trial and error helps my clients succeed much faster than I did.

I want to share with you how you can resolve your emotional eating and succeed this year. 

How the Brain Creates a New Pattern

Recently I read some new insight from a neuroscientist on how the brain physically starts changing and creating the pathways to a new habit we want to install. Of course this is when we are actively working through a pattern like emotional eating. 

Timeline of how we experience change as we start installing a new way of being:

Day 1: excited. 

Week 1 (First few days): Resistance starts coming up (I see this with clients)

as you move through the week and then we feel more autonomous.

Day 7-14: we feel we got it and if we’re not careful we may stop doing the actions to ingrain the habit.

After about 2-3 weeks: you feel you nailed it BUT you need to continue with the habit.

At around 21 days: feels like you conquered this but need to keep going until about day 63 when the brain creates this new habit that is automatic.

Day 21-63 – triggers, doubts and fears may arise and make you feel we’ve gone backwards, you need to keep working through triggers and choosing your new way forward. 

Of course throughout this journey you need to be able to move through the triggers, doubt and fear in order to move forward in the way we want to. As emotional eaters that means we are looking at our triggers, knowing when we are emotionally eating and resolving it and following the key steps needed to help us move forward. 

This is where guidance, support and a step by step plan helps you move forward daily through any sabotage or internal struggle that comes up. 

Days 20-60

From day 20-60 the brain is actively solidifying this new habit. If you can get through these days by moving through triggers and resolve them + reinforcing a new way of being you will be on your way to feeling confident in your body and around food.

This is why The Emotional Eating Evolution Program is 12 weeks long which gives you the support, guidance and structure to move through the key areas needed to resolve this pattern. We also use deeper tools to process and integrate resistance and triggers in the program so you can move through this period with more ease. 

You can resolve your emotional eating and it’s amazing to have this guideline to keep the momentum forward and pull yourself out of any spiral. I wish I had this info when I was going through my own journey! 

If you’re ready to resolve your emotional eating and finally feel confident in your body and around food I’d love to invite you to book in an Emotional Eating Assessment call to see how the program can help you reach your goals!

To new ways of being,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Guide