Hello love,

I am SO excited to share a client testimonial with you. This is a rare treat to pull back the curtain on what it looks like to go through The Emotional Eating Evolution Program with a full length interview.

My client Alicia has been exploring and diving deeper into her personal growth over the last year and exploring her emotional eating. That’s how she found me through a facebook ad.

In this interview Alicia, who is a Nurse Practitioner who lives in New York City, shares her story and how she knew she needed to change and was afraid to change.

Alicia had gastric surgery in the past and also maintained a plant based way of eating since her diagnosis of MS in 2009. Recently before working with me in The Emotional Eating Evolution Program she tried therapy but she knew she needed to go deeper.

I’m so happy Alicia took the leap to work with me. Check out the time stamps below to explore her journey more. I hope it inspires you to start the journey to resolving your emotional eating!


Timestamps (see video for more).

4:37 What was holding Alicia back from investing in herself and getting the support she needed. She talks about 2 common blocks I see with women.

8:45 Alicia shares more about her transformational journey and the tangible results she physically experienced that made her feel good in her body + confident

12:14 Alicia shares about the somatic meditation sessions and how they were life changing. How they got to the root of her trauma which played a role in her emotional eating and kept her stuck in her life.

14:56 Alicia shares how the tools are helping her in real time with her with her true needs vs. flailing with her emotional eating

16:26 How the somatic meditations have made Alicia feel more grounded in her body (not only during the meditation!). And how she shows up with confidence in who she is!

17:57 Alicia embodying Beyonce’s “Cosy” song, feeling comfortable in her skin and more whole.

18:53 What is there after food?

21:55 How this journey helped Alicia feel at ease and peace in herself so she wasn’t trying to control others and had clear boundaries

24:59 Alicia shares more about her diagnosis of MS in 2009 and the process of change AND how this mirrors her current journey around changing her emotional eating patterns with her wife for her mental, physical and emotional health.

27:23 Being on the journey vs. a destination which is what Alicia always did when she was on a diet. Discovering herself 🙂

29:40 Choosing a program that is customized for you is freeing vs. the conventional diets that are punitive and doesn’t address emotional eating triggers

34:09 Alicia’s advice for those on the fence to joining The Emotional Eating Evolution Program

35:12 How Alicia overcame her financial concerns and how money started to flow when she invested and chose herself. (So inspiring!).

I hope this helped you understand that emotional eating is a journey and there is so much peace and ease on the other side when we stop doing all the things to “fix” ourselves. There is so much discovery to yourself and confidence. Plus great bowel movements + moods lol (the video explains more)


To the journey,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist Specializing in Emotional Eating

P.S. If you’re ready to resolve your emotional eating from the root and finally feel at ease around food and in your body then find out more about The Emotional Eating Evolution Program HERE.