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This week I am talking about calories and why a calorie is not a calorie! This may seem counterintuitive but not all calories are created equal. If we compare conventional chocolate cake (because if that cake was made of whole foods it would be a bit of a different story!) to broccoli in terms of calories we would see a huge difference in the nutritional profile. The vitamins, minerals, fibre, water content and enzymes (if left uncooked) in broccoli help the body to digest it more efficiently and cleanly. The chocolate cake would contain very little micronutrients. This difference in nutrition really predicts how digestion occurs and how the body would process each food.

The broccoli would digest easily and add to the nutrition of the body whereas the chocolate cake would take away nutrition from the body (vitamins, minerals, water, enzymes) in order to be digested. So in the end perhaps they are the same calories but one is clearly adding to the health of the body and the other not so much. So in essence the calories are not equal in my mind.

In the video I mentioned the macronutrient profile would be different but this is not really the main factor in  digestion 🙂

While this is a short video this topic can be a bit difficult to understand (for me at times too!) so be sure to leave a comment or any questions below.

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