Hello love,

Body acceptance and emotional eating go hand in hand. Body acceptance was something I had to learn on my journey to resolving emotional eating and is key for my clients as well. 

As emotional eaters I find we punish and criticize our body. 

However, I do believe at the core we all desire to feel good, healthy and vibrant in our bodies.

When you have this pattern of emotional eating you feel out of control with your body. Weight gain along with other health issues can be the result of this.

You think you need to control your body so it looks a certain way so you can get the love, validation and acceptance you crave.

The conventional way that is taught to us to get “this body” is to punish our bodies and criticize ourselves to look a certain way in order to feel good. We typically do this with diets and overexercising.

This doesn’t work for very long.

What is body acceptance? 

You need to come back to body acceptance. Body acceptance is about being neutral with where you are at. This is not where you remain but it sets the foundation for sure change. Acceptance turns to appreciation and understanding the rhythms and rituals to support the body. 

This is an amazing foundation to more forward with your goals. 

We usually chase “the perfect body” so that we can finally get the love, acceptance and validation for the outside. 

But what if we started there and then went for our desire from a healthier space that was not from desperation?

When you do the diets and exercise to control your body this creates stress mentally and physically which holds onto weight and creates inflammation.

Then you use food to soothe you from these uncomfortable emotions and discomfort in general. 

So you get sucked back into the emotional eating pattern. 

What is the way out?

Body acceptance is part of the solution to move forward in a loving and compassionate way. 

You start understanding your body and this leads to the acceptance and validation you’ve been craving. 

This allows you to move toward your healthy.

This along with True Nourishment and Emotional Wellness helps us resolve our emotional eating so that you can finally have that confident relationship to food and your body. 

If this is resonating with you I would love to invite you to book in an Emotional Eating Assessment call to see if The Emotional Eating Evolution Program is right for you. This program is a step by step holistic process to get to the root of your emotional eating so you stop using food to soothe and create sustainable change. 

To acceptance,

Michelle Lall

Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert