Hello love,

Today I wanted to talk about what is holding you back from your desire of feeling at ease and confident around food and in your body. 

When I work with clients – this is what they want, they want to feel good in their body + around food. They don’t want to manage, control or obsess over food or emotionally eat. 

I totally get it – I felt the same way. I constantly obsessed about food. I had a lot of shame when I emotionally ate, felt I couldn’t control my body and I just felt like everyone else had it easier. It felt like such a struggle. The struggle went on for most of my life and I just wanted to feel good in my body and around food. I didn’t want to be on edge all the time. 

And this is so possible, I’ve done this for myself as well as my clients. You can have the relationship to food and your body where its feels easeful. 

Where …

You feel good in your body.

You are nourishing yourself. 

You are taking care of yourself. 

You are becoming more empowered. 

The path is not always clear…

When we desire something the path is not always clear but it is possible. This was my journey with emotional eating. 

I spent many years trying all the typical advice. For over a decade I “trialed and error-ed” my way through the advice and nothing gave me the sustainable change I craved. I tried the typical diet and exercise route as well as practitioners like trainers, nutritionists and therapy. 

Each gave a piece of the puzzle but still it was not working. This is because we are multifaceted. We are not only physical, but mental and emotional beings and we need a solution that looks at all parts of us in relation to the issue we have.

The missing piece in this puzzle is YOU.

Diet and exercise are sold to us. Yes, we need to look at food and movement but it is a small part of the puzzle.

I want to share with you the key areas that you may have overlooked. These areas are the areas I needed to move through to have sustainable results and feel good in my body and around food. I saw the same pattern in my clients as well.

These areas work together synergistically and when combined results in resolution of emotional eating, feeling confident in your body and around food. 

Key 1 – Relearning True Nourishment

Focusing on relearning a new way to nourish ourselves. Moving away from restriction and deprivation that diets emphasize which leads to bingeing and emotional eating. Here we learn to optimize digestion which impacts mood. We also begin to discern true physical hunger from emotional hunger.

Key 2 – Body Acceptance

Body acceptance is the next area we look at. We move away from the mental pressure to look a certain way and punish our body. This creates stress and mood imbalances that trigger emotional eating. We learn to accept our body physically and they rhythms of the body. We also build true worth internally and move away from that critical inner voice. From acceptance we can move into what we do desire for our body from a clear space. Usually clients have emotionally eaten their way into weight and health issues. Here we move towards your healthy. 

Key 3 – Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness is really the core of this work. We process and integrate the emotions running the emotional eating pattern. We do this on body level where we store unprocessed emotions. This gets to the root and you are able to find what your true need is that food has been hiding. This is powerful work to dissolve the emotional eating pattern and to move forward with your goals powerfully. 

All 3 or these areas are powerful together. This is not just about food as there are nuances around nourishment. It’s not just about exercise as there are nuances around the body. It’s not just about therapy as we need deeper tools to get to the root issue. The emotional eating pattern is deeply engrained and we need to go deeper with food, body and are emotions. 

This work is transformational. Hopefully, what I have shared has given you some insight on where you might be blocked. We cover the above and more in The Emotional Eating Evolution Program along with the step by step plan, support and guidance needed to create true sustainable change. You can find out more about this program here. If you are ready to move forward and want the confidence and ease around food and your body then I’d love to invite you to apply + book in an assessment call to see how the program can support you.

To confidence and ease in your body and around food,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Guide