This past week I visited a very dear friend I have known for a long time. She had just had her first baby! If you don`t personally know me, I am obsessed with babies and pregnancy. It is such an amazing process. After visiting my friend it just reminded me about how precious babies are, and how helpless.

After studying about pre-pregnancy nutrition in school and also just thinking about creating life, I thought I would share with you some tips if you are planning on becoming pregnant. Here are 3 big ones that I think every woman wanting to conceive should be doing! Babies have no say in the womb so it is up to us to provide the best we can.

1. Fortify your diet before conception to ensure your body is fully nourished and is able to support another life. This gets you into the habit of eating healthy so that you can continue to do so while pregnant. Nutrition is not only important for the developing baby in utero but will affect your child long term. If you are prone to eating a lot of processed foods you are setting your child up for a life of ill health. Be kind to yourself and your future little one and start adopting a healthier approach to eating.

2. Cleanse or detox before becoming pregnant, since detoxing during pregnancy or while breastfeeding will transfer the toxins you are releasing to your baby. It is a good idea to cleanse a couple of times a year to reset your system, remove any toxins in your body and to give your health a boost before you conceive. The healthier your body is the better able you are to provide your future child with the best body building blocks!

3. Eat organic as much as you can. Check out the dirty dozen fruits and veggies and be sure to buy them organic! Also make sure any animal products you are consuming is organic, free range and or wild. Animal products bio-accumulate toxicity and have a more concentrated dose of chemicals. By opting to buy organic you will reduce this toxic burden on yourself and your unborn child.

Hormones found in conventional meat products affect your hormones and can affect your ability to conceive or affect the development of your unborn child. Hormones help keep our body in check from menstruation to hunger. By tipping the balance we are disrupting our body’s natural rhythms and functions.

Pesticides found in conventional food are quite harmful to your body and to your future child. Children are born with more and more of a toxic load each and every year. As we release more chemicals into our atmosphere we are exposing our unborn children to this chemical burden. By opting for organic foods, you are eliminating pesticides and ensuring you are eating the best quality foods.

Of course if you need help with cleaning up your eating habits, reducing toxicity in your life or are embarking on your last cleanse and need some help be sure to give me a shout! It would be my pleasure to help you on this amazing journey!

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