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What’s getting in the way of your health goals? Sometimes we believe it is time or money but it really is our beliefs. 

I’ve seen this pattern with clients and on the way to your health goal there are all these excuses and limiting beliefs. It is usually when we are in pain we finally do something or feel we need to overcome these excuses.

I’m here to say if you have a vision to gain greater health that’s what you truly desire. The excuses in the way are other parts of you that are not in alignment with this ultimate goal. 

All these other parts (or excuses) need to be looked at as well. They usually hold some wisdom for us. We usually inherit these from childhood or society and they are deeply ingrained.

Check out the video below!

What can we do about this?

If you have your health goal find all the blocks or excuses that come up to prevent you from moving in that direction.

Look at the blocks and learn from them and look at the layers and see why there is a block. This video on sitting with emotions (if it is emotional) will help to move through the emotion to a clearer space. 

For example:

If you want to lose weight but haven’t been able to. 

If you sit with this frustration you may find you are afraid of getting in shape. Perhaps you’ll be looked at as more attractive. This may mean  to you that you’ll be objectified .This makes you feel vulnerable. That vulnerability may lead you to remembering a sexual trauma (from your perspective) from childhood. This may be the real issue and all the other thoughts/emotions are ‘protecting’ you from this pain.

As you get into the root cause of emotions and you get to the root you can look at it from a clearer perspective. You can then reparent that part and give it what it has always needed. 

Along the way we move through each block and give it what it needs.

This is for those who pick up diet books and can’t stick to them because the resistance is strong. Usually the resistance that comes up is a coping mechanism keeping you safe.

Moving through the block or resistance helps us to become clearer and meets our needs in a healthier way, not through sabotaging our efforts.

This is something you can work on on your own or you can get support if the issues coming up require more support. 

I invite you to reach out and we can book a 20 minute consult to see if I can support you!

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Certified Holistic Nutritionist.