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I wanted to share about acceptance because it’s been coming up a lot for clients. One of the main reasons why we emotionally eat is because acceptance for ourselves is missing. 

What we’ve been taught is something is wrong with us. We weren’t fully accepted. 

So we perpetuate that pattern by Emotionally Eating. We use food to cope, to soothe any discomfort that’s coming up, rather than sinking into acceptance and moving through them.

This pattern is something that I see a lot and it makes sense.

It’s hard to drop into acceptance. Because with this coping mechanism we’re told explicitly or implicitly to not feel the emotions that are usually under the emotional eating. That something’s wrong with us for having them. Acceptance is missing from such an early age that we don’t know how to create that and cultivate it for ourselves. 

Not being accepted leads to…

Thinking something’s wrong with us when we have these emotions and that we use food to cope. We judge ourselves.

So what keeps us from resolving our emotional eating pattern? 

A key piece is really about having acceptance, because we’ve been trying to get to acceptance. We’re chasing after it, we’re running after it, trying to do that through the diets, through controlling our body, through willpower, through surgery, through even talk therapy.

All of these things are still at the surface. They don’t drop us into true acceptance. Acceptance, when we hear that word or when women hear that, they think, “oh, if I accept myself, I’ve just given up. I’m not fighting anymore.

What is acceptance?

Acceptance is not about giving up. Acceptance is about getting to a place where you’re more neutral with yourself. It’s not about liking or loving yourself. It’s about being right here with the reality of what’s going on. When you drop into that, you’re in it, and there is no judgment.

Acceptance is a way to release some of the judgment we have of ourselves. Because when we can get to that acceptance, the voice that’s criticizing us and telling us we should do this and we’re not good enough, can fade away. We’re just here with reality. There is no good or bad when we’re in acceptance. We’re just here.

From this place that we can start to create transformation. We can start having appreciation which leads to loving ourselves which shifts this pattern. Running away from our emotions, from food and our body through these surface solutions is not the answer. On the surface, we think if we do a surgery or if we lose the weight, that’s going to solve it. But under all of this, if you really tune into yourself, there is this deeper layer of not feeling accepted.

You’re running away from the spot you’re at. A lot of clients feel shame about their pattern. So to get out of the shame they run away from it. But that doesn’t work. We actually need to turn towards the shame. We need to turn towards what’s going on and to drop into acceptance.

This is a process…

This is much easier said than done. This is a process. I’m just giving you the big picture here. Acceptance is transformative. Your presence and allowing of what’s happening is transformational because you’re no longer running, you’re looking at what’s going on.

From this place, we can start creating true change. 


Check out the video for more on:

  • We need to integrate
  • Shifting pattern when we didn’t have the modelling
  • Acceptance is the start of you meeting your true needs
  • Acceptance in these 3 keys areas helps shift emotional eating
  • Acceptance and shifting the nervous system to peace + ease


If what I’m saying to you is resonating, we do all of this inside of The Emotional Eating Evolution Program. So if you have been struggling with emotional eating, you feel like you obsess about food and your body and you’re using food to cope.

This program has been transformative for so many women, for dozens and dozens of women. We move from emotional eating to finally resolving it. To feeling at ease and confident in your body and around food. We do this through a step by step process. It’s a 12 week container with lots of support, guidance, in depth somatic meditations to get to the root blocks and more.

There’s a new way forward so that you start creating this path of acceptance and honoring yourself and shifting this pattern. It’s like an exhale. When you go through the program, you’re not fighting anything. We’re integrating. We’re moving forward in a more aligned whole way.

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To acceptance,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist Specializing in Emotional Eating