Last time I posted was in July after my birthday. I guess I should update this a little 🙂

At that time I was in the beginning stages of transitioning my diet to a more ‘unprocessed’ way of eating. It was a bit difficult but probably not as difficult as it is for some. As a long time vegetarian (with a brief stint as a meat eater-will discuss more in another post) I was eating lots of veggies but still I felt I wasn’t having enough. It’s strange how your body knows what makes it feel good. For my body, more green veggies was what it needed!

It has been almost 4 and a half months that my fiance and I have been drinking green smoothies and upping our intake of vegetables and raw foods. We are not fully raw. I tend to eat raw until dinner on most days with the occasional quinoa bread+nut butter+banana+dark chocolate indulgence on the weekend. Totally mis-combined (more on this later) but still pretty healthy and DELICIOUS. I actually have only had this 2x in the last few months so it is definitely a rare treat.

In July, I was still struggling with this new lifestyle. I will admit it was trying at times especially when I would have a craving THEN proceed to eat almonds and dates until my belly was full very FULL! I had doubting moments but in the end I only do that once in a while (once a month) and I think it is my body’s way of telling me I need something in those 2 things.

Today I can say that I can have a salad at lunch and not think “where is the cooked part, the bulky part, the ‘meaty’ part?”.  I feel lighter at lunch and not tired or uneasy. For me this was one of the biggest transitions after giving up my beloved oatmeal at breakfast. Funny I have tried to eat ‘cooked’ food at breakfast and not felt too great. Of course it tastes yummy but then I feel overly full and my day is thrown off. It’s funny how your body can change.Sometimes, I actually  wish I didn’t miss my green smoothies but I do!

Recently I got my test results from my annual physical exam. I did the test one month into changing my breakfast from oatmeal to a green smoothie(GS). My results according to my doctor were fabulous. My iron was normal after a few years of it being low to non-existent, my other results were pristine. My doctor actually said that I was the only female she knew with normal iron levels. If that isn’t validating, I don’t know what is. Funny a few years back I was told I needed more iron and was told to eat meat by an RD. I ate meat for almost 2 years with no change in my iron levels. One month of  changing my breakfast to a green smoothie and BAM…iron city. Gotta love my kale and all things green and yummy 🙂