Do you have trouble getting quality sleep at night? Sleep is so vital to our health and well being. It is a time when our body regenerates and rests. The worse our quality of sleep the more we will experience ill health, moodiness and cravings. We can also start to see a deterioration in our physical looks too. Dark under eye circles or even cuts that take longer to heal can result.

I know how important sleep is but currently I don’t sleep through the night as my 2 year old still wakes up to nurse at night. It’s only for a few minutes but it can be tiring. Because of this I do my very best to get the best quality of sleep I can. So be sure to check out my tips so that you can get the best sleep possible too!

Tips Mentioned

1.Have a calming tea about an hour before you go to bed like organic chamomile, tulsi or even my golden milk.

2. Having a minimalist bedroom is key. You have less visual clutter to focus on. Use night mode on your iPhone or f.lux on your computer so that the blue light doesn’t affect your ability to fall asleep. Blue light is very stimulating (and so is checking instagram!) the hours leading up to bedtime so use the apps mentioned. The light will affect your hormones much less.

3. Use a Himalayan salt lamp in the bedroom. The type of light emitted doesn’t disrupt your brain as much because of the orange hue. Think fire or a burning candle which is much closer to nature. The salt lamp also has the added bonus of purifying the air to a small degree!

4. Journal or meditate or both before bed if you experience anxiety. Journaling allows you to physically dump your thoughts onto paper and your to do list. This helps with reducing worry or trying to use your brain as a notepad.

5. Use a spoonk mat, so some yoga or do a self massage before bed. This relaxes your nervous system and lets you fall asleep easier!

6. Use a silk sleep mask to block out any light. I find I sleep much better and feel more rested with a sleep mask.

There you have it, some simple tips to help you get better quality sleep – always the goal for me. If you found this helpful please SHARE with those that are suffering with poor sleep. I find most people are not sleeping well at all which has a direct affect on our health and beauty!

If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you. Let me know what you do to sleep better or which tips you are going to try!

To beauty sleep,


Holistic Nutritionist.