Hello love,


Today I wanted to share some tips on how to move through this period in the best way possible. These are unprecedented times – to socially distance, isolate yourself or be at home for an extended period of time. If you are an emotional eater this can be so trying with all of the stress, the uncertainty and not even knowing what to do. Not having a strategy in place makes it hard not to cope with intense emotions using food. 


Even people who wouldn’t stress eat are. I always say, we are all emotional eaters to a degree. And so today, in this video I want share some tools to help you through this period and take the time needed to really look at what’s been happening.


So much of our days and lives are so busy, go go go. We have so much stress that we don’t give ourselves the time or opportunity to really look at what’s happening in our lives. I believe this is an amazing opportunity to do that. To really look at all of the things in our lives that might not be working.


I will give you a few tips and hopefully you implement them because that is what will make them work. 

Here are the tips. For more details about each point check out the video here. * I will do a full blog write up in the coming days for those who like to read!*

1. Connection with others (virtually) and yourself with journalling. 

2. Look at your relationship to food and seeing that food is abundant not scarce. 

3. FEEL your emotions, we have the time and space now. 

4. Move to prevent stagnation, home workouts, walks outside, etc. 

5. Reach out for help and support from community and me! If you feel crippled by emotional eating reach out for a complimentary 30 minute consult with me.  It will help you gain more awareness and clarity.


Stay in touch via social media and leaving a comment below. There are a ton more resources on the blog as well.


I look forward to supporting you through this transition. We are in a birthing process; who do you want to BE moving forward?


To expansion,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist.