Hello lovely!

While this week’s video is about simple detoxing tips for spring, the weather in my area looks more like winter! Anyways, at some point the weather will become more spring like and with it our bodies will want to get rid of some accumulated winter waste. Our bodies want to shed the old and ‘spring’ into the new season. While most winter meals are heavier and cooked spring meals can be lighter and raw so that we can help the body cleanse and detox. This will leave us feeling lighter and more energetic!

Check out this week’s video for 4 Simple Spring Detox Tips!

Tips Mentioned:

  1. Add in lemon water and cayenne in the morning.
  2. Drink ginger tea throughout the day to help digestion.
  3. Make half your plate raw veggies.
  4. Sweat!

Do you ever notice that in the spring your meals preferences change? Do you feel more energetic or sluggish?

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To a fresh start this spring,


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