Hello loves!

In today’s video (rant lol) I share why drink enough water is super important! I LOVE water and if I could become a water advocate I would – I guess I am anyways 😉 So check out my 4 reasons to get enough of this elixir! These are just a few reasons of many many reasons to consume an adequate amount of water.

Check out the video below!

Reasons Mentioned:

  1. Helps with losing weight as it helps to flush toxicity of the body otherwise it may be stored in fat cells!
  2. Helps you function well and remain alert not tired!
  3. Can help with mitigating heart disease (I know so simple) check out the video for the theory on that!
  4. Can help with conditions like arthritis.

So there you have it, some great reasons to motivate you to drink enough water – it really does make a HUGE difference in your health. Please SHARE this video and leave a comment below if you want more reasons to drink water!

To the elixir of life, literally…


Holistic Nutritionist.